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Areas of Study

At AU, students can pursue bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees as well as graduate certificates in many of the following areas of study:

Arts, Humanities, and Liberal Studies

Students acquire key tools to increase personal awareness, foster individual and social creativity, and encourage professional development and socially responsible thought and action.


Our programs in education focus particular attention on the educator as change agent, educator as reflective practitioner, educator as critical thinker and educator as integrator of theory to practice.

Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Working together, students and faculty explore topics such as healthy environments, conservation, renewable energy, environmental education, local economies, environmental justice, green building, deep ecology, environmental policy and many others.

Health and Social Sciences

Programs encourage exploration of the links among things that seem unconnected and the use of this holistic understanding to design new and elegant systems to solve the problems of the 21st century.

Management and Leadership

Students look at management situations from a systemic perspective and address human, organizational and community issues, enhance leadership skills and learn how to diagnose problems and intervene effectively with individuals and groups.


We emphasize the role of psychology in empowering people of all backgrounds, cultures, economic standing, sexual orientations and identities to achieve their full potential.

Academic Areas

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