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Master's Programs

Antioch University is founded on principles of rigorous liberal arts education, innovative experiential learning and socially engaged citizenship. Our core values of social justice, service to community, and lifelong learning comprise the heart of our master’s degree programs. Antioch University offers a distinctive graduate education that prepares students at any stage in their professional development to be principled leaders in their respective fields of practice. Our Master’s programs are designed to promote the integral thinking required to understand and lead change in a constantly shifting, globally oriented world.

The multiple graduate programs of the university nurture in their students the knowledge, skills, and habits of reflection to excel as lifelong learners, democratic leaders, and global citizens who live lives of meaning and purpose. A variety of master’s degrees are offered including MA, MBA, MEd, MS, or MFA—some with accompanying certification or endorsements depending on the field of study.

Arts, Humanities, and Liberal Studies

In keeping with Antioch University’s progressive and socially conscious values, students of the arts, humanities, and liberal studies are provided an innovative, student-centered approach to education.
Master of Fine Arts


Antioch University offers a diverse selection of powerful and distinctive programs for adult students interested in pursuing a new career in education, or furthering their educational leadership or teaching skills.
Master of Arts

Master of Education

  • Administration/Supervision (Principal Certification option) (New England)
  • Adolescent & Young Adult Education 7–12 (Midwest)
  • Early Childhood Education PK–3 (Midwest)
  • Education w/ Teaching Credential (Santa Barbara)
  • Educational Leadership (Midwest)
  • Elementary Education (K–8 Certification) (New England)
  • Elementary/Early Childhood Education (New England)
  • Holistic Special Education Concentration
  • Arts and Humanities Concentration
  • Science and Environmental Education Concentration
    • Foundations in Education (New England)
    • Middle Childhood Education 4–9 (Midwest)
    • Special Education: Intervention Specialist—Mild to Moderate K–12 (Midwest)
    • Special Education: Intervention Specialist—Moderate to Intensive K–12 (Midwest)

Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Antioch University has a long-standing, deeply-rooted commitment to promoting various forms of justice in our community.
Master of Arts

Master of Science

Health and Social Sciences

Antioch University offers a unique education in the fields of health and social sciences—one that prepares students to become designers and leaders of deep systemic change, emphasizing relationships between personal, community, organizational, economic, social and ecological issues.
Master of Arts

  • Conflict Analysis & Engagement (Midwest)
  • Whole Systems Design (Seattle)
  • Individualized Studies concentration in Social Sciences  (Midwest)

Management and Leadership

Antioch University offers a distinctive management and leadership education that prepares students at various stages of professional development to be principled leaders in their respective fields of practice.
Master of Business Administration

Master of Arts


At the heart of all Antioch University Psychology programs is a personal and professional commitment to social justice for individuals, couples, families, and groups.
Master of Arts

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