Announcing AEA’s Student Photo Contest Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners in our 2011 Student Photo Contest. We received over 75 entries this year, and our judges had the tough job of determining our winners. We held our traditional voting, in which the Antioch University community in Yellow Springs, OH was invited to view the framed photos and select their favorites in each category.   In addition, this year we introduced the ‘Facebook Fave Foto.’   Congratulations to all our winners, and a big thanks to all the students who submitted such fantastic photos!


NEW category – Facebook Fave Foto:


Quinn Wilson

Western Washington University

Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions


A masked shinto priest performs a dance in front of the famous floating Tori gate of  Itsukushima shrine, on the island  of Miyajima, which we visited after our pilgrimage on the island of Shikoku. At high tide, the gate and the entire temple complex appear to be floating on the water.



Exceptional Artistic / Technical Quality:


Lisa Charron
Goucher College
Buddhist Studies in India

Just outside of Delhi, there lays the remnants of a once holy site.   Kings fought over which faith the buildings would represent, so at sometimes they were Hindu temples and at others they were Muslim mosques.




Student Engagement in Academic and/or Hands-On Learning abroad:


Mariana Calderon

College of the Atlantic

Brazilian Ecosystems


“Hold Your Breath”

Nicholas Dendeiro carefully detangles a bird from a mist net set up in the Montanha Beija Flor reserve in the Atlantic Coastal Rainforest. While it took the group long minutes to untangle each captured bird, our instructor, and practiced researcher, Andre, could detangle the most hopelessly tangled in less than half a minute.



Cross-Cultural Experience (an observation or interaction with host culture/communities):

Dyer Van Devere

Skidmore College

Buddhist Studies in India

“Woman sitting by ribbons at Mahabodhi”

A Chinese woman sits in private meditation on the north side of the Mahabodhi temple. Her stillness and silence represents both the aura of peace surrounding the temple and the pilgrimages that people from all over the world take to come to Bodhgaya.





Landscape / Architecture:


Quinn Wilson

Western Washington University

Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions


The town of  Tenkawamura is a village in the mountains devoted to Shugendo, a Japanese sect which combines Buddhism and its native Shinto faith. This river divides the area which includes new houses, ancient shrines and temples, hot springs, waterfalls, and a path to one of the religion’s holiest sites.



HONORABLE MENTIONS for outstanding student photographers:

Angie Vitale, Richard Stockton College, Arts and Culture in Mali

Karen Abramson, Skidmore College, Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe

Jamil Jorge, Connecticut College, Arts and Culture in Mali

Zev Blumenfeld, Emerson College, Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions

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