Scholarships and Financial Aid

Download our Scholarships and Grants Guide here

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Each year, the majority of students receive some form of financial aid from their home institutions to participate on an AEA program. AEA staff work with students and, in many cases, their home institutions to ensure that the opportunity to study
abroad is accessible, and affordable. AEA Asst. Directors may advise students on applying for scholarships and grants towards study abroad.

Important tips pertaining to financial aid and study abroad:

– According to the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (102-325), federal financial aid is transferable and applicable to study abroad.

– Inquire early at your home institution’s study abroad and financial aid offices for applicable policies, and financial aid estimates towards your term(s) abroad (Financial Aid must be processed through your home institution).

– AEA  has compiled a list of outside scholarships and grants for study abroad. We strongly recommend that students begin the scholarship and grant application process as early as possible, as these deadlines may differ considerably from  AEA  deadlines.  Download our Scholarships and Grants Guide here or contact us to receive a printed version.

– AEA offers the need-based Irwin Abrams & Paula L. Spier Study Abroad Scholarship (click here for more details, and an application).

– As needed, individual payment plans through AEA may be arranged for those who qualify.

Contact us with questions and any potential concerns, as we are happy to assist students in this individualized, and often complex, process.