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Brazilian Ecosystems: The Protection and Management of Biodiversity

Explore Brazil’s Rainforests and coastal regions through hands-on field studies.


Brazilian Ecosystems is a hands-on field based study abroad program with both Fall Semester and Summer Term options (see Schedule for approx. dates). Since 1989, this program has engaged students in field studies across a variety of biomes in Brazil. Both fall and summer students begin the program together with the Comparative Ecology of Brazilian Rainforest Ecosystems course. After four-weeks, the summer program concludes and the fall semester students continue their studies in Brazil.


“…the best academic experience of my life and one which I will never forget.”

- Brian Yates, Rowan University

Comparative Brazilian Ecology Program for Summer Term Students

Both Summer and Fall students explore the flora, fauna, and ecological characteristics of the Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Coastal Rainforest, and coastal marine systems.

Advanced Studies and Field Internship for Fall Semester Students

Fall semester students continue in Brazil with a Portuguese language intensive and homestay in Curitiba, and advanced studies of the impact of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystem function. Each student also engages in a month-long field internship in ecology or conservation, based on their individual interests.

Leadership and Program Partners

Director Suzanne Kolb, PhD leads the program on-site and works with each student on program preparations. She is assisted by Brazilian professors, research scientists and activists, who provide local expertise on current environmental issues facing each region. This program is affiliated with the Universidade Federal do Paraná and the National Institute of Amazonian Research.

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