Schedule and Daily Life

Program Schedule

Buddhist Studies in India  is a  FALL  semester program that runs from late August or early September through mid-December.

The program begins with a three-day program orientation in London. The group will then spend three days in Delhi for further orientation before proceeding to Bodh Gaya.

Classes are held for nine weeks, followed by the three-week independent study period, which may include independent travel to other areas of India, and a final week in Bodh Gaya.

Daily Schedule in Bodh Gaya

5:30 am – Meditation
6:30 am – Breakfast
7:30 am – Language Classes
8:30 am – Class Period
10:00 am – Tea
10:30 am – Class Period
12:00 pm – Language Practice
1:00 pm – Lunch
4:00 pm – Tea
5:00 pm – Meditation
6:30 pm   – Dinner

This schedule is followed Monday through Friday. Language classes meet daily, while Philosophy, History, and Anthropology meet three times each week. During the weekends we continue with meditation practice and also have occasional field trips to sites of interest.