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This program is offered in collaboration with the University of Buea, the only English-speaking university in bi-lingual Cameroon. Buea, the capital of the Southwest Region of Cameroon, is situated at the foot of Mount Cameroon, the highest mountain in west and central Africa. Buea was once the colonial capital of the German Kamerun and later the capital of the Southern Cameroons, thus many historical buildings have been preserved in the town. Buea is now home to a comprehensive university, many markets, cyber cafes, and more, but is easy to navigate with one main road through the city. Busses are available from Buea to nearby sites, including Limbe, a coastal town, and Douala, the financial capital of Cameroon and a Francophone city. Buea is in one of only two Anglophone regions in predominately Francophone Cameroon.

A more complete description of Buea can be found on the  University of Buea website.

Each year, the program includes a number of local site visits as well as weekend trips to learn more about various community development projects and about life and culture in other parts of Cameroon. Examples of past trips include:

Dschang: In Dschang, we spent the day with Breaking Ground, a US/Cameroon-based NGO focused on grassroots community development. We met with organization leaders, toured current development projects and met with some of the women in the Women’s Entrepreneurial Program.

Ashum: Our Lead Faculty, Dr. Tambi, is the chief of Ashum, a village outside of Mamfe. In the past, we have evaluated water projects in the village and participated in a traditional wake.

Foumban: This is the center for traditional central African arts. We spent a ‘tourist’ day in Foumban, watching the artisans work, exploring the market, and purchasing souvenirs. Foumban offers an opportunity for students to experience a part of Cameroon that is predominately Muslim and in a Francophone region.

Limbe: We always visit Limbe for some relaxation at the beach, botanical garden, and animal sanctuary. In addition, we have taken a boat ride to an island village off the coast, where one of the University of Buea professors resides.


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