This program is offered in collaboration with the University of Buea (UB). Together,  AEA  and UB selected the course offerings, which are taught by the faculty of UB, a highly qualified and diversified staff serving a student body of 12,000. AEA and UB also co-designed the Community Development Seminar, which is the lead course for the program.

Each student on this program enrolls in the core seminar, Community Development in Cameroon, which is co-taught by the UB Lead Faculty and AEA Academic Coordinator. In addition, each student selects three courses from the regular offerings of the University of Buea, allowing our students to become peers with local students and to learn from the UB professors.


Each course is 4 semester credits.


Planting a Tree with Green Cameroon

Student planting a tree with Green Cameroon, one of our service learning organizations

In addition, students select three courses from offerings at the University of Buea. Course offerings typically include:


Course offerings may vary slightly year to year based on availability. Contact  AEA  for updated information, or to inquire about courses in particular subject areas.

Credit & Evaluation

Students may earn up to 16 semester credits for successful completion of this program. They will be issued a transcript with a letter grade from Antioch University, along with narrative evaluations.

Further information regarding  accreditation, evaluation, and transcripts  is available here.


View from the University of Buea campus