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“An excellent program that gave me lots of opportunities.” – Emily, Bowdoin College


Antioch in Germany

Full immersion in German life and culture.

Tübingen, Germany
Fall Semester, Spring Semester*, and Full-Year Options

* Our Spring 2016 Antioch in Germany program has filled. Contact AEA if you are interested in applying to be placed on our waiting list.

study abroad in GermanyAntioch in Germany is a language and cultural immersion program offered fall, spring or full-year, and located in the university town of Tübingen. After German language intensives through the Goethe Institut and German Compact programs, students enroll in courses with German students and professors at Tübingen University in a wide range of course offerings and academic disciplines. Students may also choose to enroll in a Community Engagement course, which includes a service-learning project in an area of their interest.

“The first ten minutes of my first lecture was a golden moment: realizing I was actually understanding the professor and his humor without really thinking (or without thinking I was thinking).”  – Jessamyn, Kenyon College

Experience, Immersion, and Individualized Support

Antioch Education Abroad (AEA) students have been studying at Eberhard-Karls-Universität (Tübingen University) since 1958. This program encourages complete immersion while supporting the needs of American students abroad and is perfect for students who want independence and the opportunity to tailor aspects of their overseas studies to their own particular skills and interests. Resident Directors provide academic advising and student assistance, as well as facilitate regular Antioch group meetings that give additional cultural and academic support.

Beginning German Track & Intermediate/ Advanced Track

Starting in 2014, we have two tracks available: Beginning German Track and Intermediate/ Advanced German track. Our Beginning German Track students enroll in Tübingen University courses offered in English or courses taught in German that are geared towards international students. Our Intermediate/Advanced German Track students directly enroll into any courses offered through Tübingen, selecting from thousands of options.

Language Preparation

Emphasis is placed on pre-semester preparation, with four to eight weeks of language training at a Goethe Institute, followed by a five-week intensive orientation and language program through the university’s German Compact Program. Students then spend one semester or a full year enrolled in university courses.

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Each student begins the program at a Goethe Institut, engaging in 4 or 8 weeks of intensive German language training (4 or 8 semester credits). Students are free to select from a range of locations including Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Munich, and Freiburg. Following the conclusion of the Goethe Institut, students travel to Tübingen where they engage in the five-week German Compact Program (4 semester credits), offered through Tübingen University. This program provides additional language preparation, as well as an orientation to Tübingen University and the town. Students then enroll in one or two semesters of courses directly through Tübingen University. Intermediate/ Advanced German Track students select from the regular university course offerings, while Beginning German Track students select from courses available in English or courses designed for international students (up to 16 semester credits per semester)

Pre-Semester Language Study and Orientation

  • Goethe Institut (4 or 8 semester credits)
  • German Compact Program (4 semester credits)

Tübingen University Semester(s)

  • NEW Community Engagement Course (1 credit/semester – optional)
  • Tübingen University Courses (Students enroll in up to 4 courses of 4 semester credits each)

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Goethe Institut

German Compact Program

Community Engagement Course

Tübingen University Courses

The Antioch in Germany program is hosted by Tübingen University in Tübingen, Germany. Established in 1477, the Eberhard Karls Universität (Tübingen University) is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Germany, and it holds a distinguished place in the intellectual life of the country. The news magazine Der Spiegel recently reported that German university faculty rank Tübingen University among the country’s ten leading schools in Biology, History, Medicine, English Studies, Education, Psychology, and Law. The university also received the top ranking for German Studies.

Over one-fourth of Tübingen’s 85,000 residents are university students. University institutes and student housing are integrated into the town, occupying many of its historical edifices, including a ducal fortress. According to the news magazine Focus, the quality of life in Tübingen is considered among the best that Germany has to offer in terms of environment, culture, security and health.

“I chose this program because I wanted to improve my language skills and that’s exactly what I’ve gotten from this experience . . . I can honestly say that this semester has been one of the best moments of my life.” –Svetlana, DePauw University


During the academic semester(s) at Tübingen University, students are housed in modern dormitories with German students. For full cultural and language immersion, care is taken not to place students in international dorms or American clusters. Normally, no more than two AEA students are placed in the same dorm. All rooms are singles. All dormitories have kitchens; most have social space. A cash allowance is allotted for meals (200 Euros/month). Meals may be taken in student cafeterias, restaurants, or dormitory kitchens. Like all old German universities, Tübingen is not situated on a campus, and dorms are located throughout the town. Antioch University’s Resident Directors make housing arrangements based on each student’s indicated priorities and interests.

Program Calendar

Students have three schedule options: Full-year, Fall Semester, and Spring Semester. However, students should note that this program runs on the German university academic calendar and the fall semester does not end until early February. The dates below are the approximate dates for the 2014-15 academic year:

Full-Year (July 2014 – July 2015)
August 3 – August 28: Four-week language study at a Goethe Institut in Germany*
September 1 – October 2: German Compact Program
October 13– February 14: Winter semester, Tübingen University
February 15 – April 12: Semester break**
April 13 – July 25: Summer semester, Tübingen University

**Many students elect to travel or engage in an internship during this time. Their dorm room remains their own.

Fall Semester (August 2014 – February 2015)
August 4 – August 28: Four-week language study at a Goethe Institut in Germany*
September 1 – October 2: German Compact Program
October 13 – February 14: Winter semester, Tübingen University

Spring Semester (February 2015 – July 2015)
February 2- February 28: Four-week language study at a Goethe Institut in Germany*
March 2 – April 3: German Compact Program
April 13 – July 25: Summer semester, Tübingen University

*Students can enroll for an additional four weeks of language study in July or January at extra cost.

Faculty and On-Site Staff

Courses are taught by faculty of Tübingen University. For a list of faculty within Tübingen’s academic departments, visit:

Resident Directors

The Antioch in Germany Resident Directors provide on-site support to AEA’s students. They provide academic advising and student assistance, as well as facilitate monthly Antioch group meetings that give additional cultural and academic support.

Nicole Sauer, Resident Director, a native German and Tübingen resident, received her Magister degree (MA) in American Studies from the Eberhard Karls Universität and spent a year studying abroad at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill from 1995-96. She works with exchange students at Tübingen University and has been with Antioch in Germany since 2000.

Simone Hahne, Assistant Resident Director, earned her MA in American Studies at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. In high school, she was a Youth for Understanding (YFU) exchange student from 1983-1984 in Texas. She’s been working with exchange students at Tübingen University since 2002, and has been with Antioch in Germany since 2009.

Program Coordinator

AEA’s in-office Program Coordinator is Kelly Brannan Trail. Questions involving applications, preparation, program content, and crediting should be addressed to her. Contact Kelly through AEA, here.