Antioch Response to Orlando Massacre

To Antioch Community:

Our hearts ache and we grieve collectively for the senseless loss of life in Orlando over the weekend.

A day that started as a day of pride, a day to celebrate our diversity and the human rights victories won by the LGBTQ community, ended with a senseless act of gun violence that claimed 49 innocent lives and injured 53 others. We grieve for them and the friends and family who loved them.

This was not a random act. It appears now that the largest mass shooting in American history was specifically targeted at the LGBTQ community. This tragedy is a reminder to us all at Antioch University that the struggle for social justice continues. The work for inclusion, human rights and democracy is more needed than ever. May our mission to advance social, economic, and environmental justice triumph over hatred, violence, and terror, to become our collective victory for humanity.

As a nation grieves, please join us in showing your support and solidarity for our LGBTQ colleagues, students and friends. Let love conquer hate, fear, and terror.

William R. Groves
Acting Chancellor

Tex Boggs
President, AULA

Karen Schuster-Webb
President, AUM

Dan Hocoy
President, AUS

Nancy Leffert
President, AUSB

Stephen Jones
President, AUNE