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Our goal is justice and empowerment for all.

Core Values

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The University offers quality academic programs relevant to the needs of today’s learners and embraces experiential learning by bridging academic outcomes with the real-world experience of all members of its learning community.

Nurturing Student Achievement

The University educates the whole person by cultivating personal growth, pragmatic idealism, and the achievement of professional goals.

Supporting Scholarship and Service

The University recognizes the active engagement of faculty in student learning, scholarship, and service. As well, Antioch University values the manifold ways students and graduates creatively and deliberatively apply their learning to the common good.

A Commitment to Social Engagement

The University maintains an historic commitment to promoting social justice and the common good. Students graduate from Antioch University with a heightened sense of their power and purpose as scholars, practitioners, and global citizens.

Building and Serving Inclusive Communities

The University nurtures inclusive communities of learners, inspiring diversity of thought and action. Antioch University engages and supports the educational, cultural, and environmental vitality of the diverse regional, national, and international communities that it serves.


Antioch University is a distinctive academic institution.

Focused on core values of inclusiveness, social justice, experiential learning and socially engaged, global citizenship, AU’s emphasis on community involvement  distinguishes us from other institutions. Each of the five AU campuses  maintains strong regional identities, brought together and guided by the values set by the Antioch University mission statement.

Antioch University Seattle student smiling Each program offered at AU has classroom as well as service learning requirements that allow students to gain real-world experience while committing to the common good.  By working directly with community members and organizations, Antioch University’s students gain an educational experience that is unlike any other. Engaging in practical experience in their fields produces alumni who become leaders in their disciplines and communities; a defining feature of the innovative education model for which Antioch University is renowned.

The commitment that AU makes to our students and community is one of our hallmarks. Our graduates have an impact on local, national and global issues. At Antioch, students gain leadership skills and diverse perspectives to give back to their communities.

The world needs you now. AU can provide you the education and the tools to respond.


Our hallmark is our dedication to life-long learning.

Antioch University faculty are leading scholars and professionals in their fields of practice, and student learning is their priority. Industry-leading authors and Fulbright scholars..the professors of Antioch University are exceptional.

AU ProfessorAU faculty are committed to students’ success. Grounded in the university’s legacy as a progressive institution, the faculty have long been committed to an education that is rigorous and relevant. All are dedicated to providing transformative learning experiences for their students. Antioch University’s degrees and programs are guided by the university’s core values of inclusiveness, social justice, experiential learning and socially engaged, global citizenship.

The pedagogy honors real-world experience  and the interface of theory, research, and practice. Antioch University’s learner-centered approach to teaching and learning includes designing program delivery models that meet the needs of adult learners with offerings of on-line, blended and classroom-based programs. Coursework gives students a relevant, practical education that will set them apart in their fields as graduates.

The small class sizes at Antioch University, combined with the experience our dedicated faculty bring to the classroom, produce alumni who excel and achieve beyond their expectations.


Antioch University attracts students from all over the world.

They bring their personal experiences with them, as well as an open mind willing to invest in themselves, their peers and their communities while gaining an education that can change their lives. AU students are fully integrated with the real world from their first year to their last.

AU Rooted-in-ExperienceEducation at Antioch University balances class time and experiential learning. Students take what they learn from our experienced, exceptional faculty  and put it to the test in a much more challenging laboratory: the real world. We believe that’s the only way to confirm your education is relevant, valuable and practical.

Just as the personal experiences students bring makes them unique, their experiences outside the classroom will make their education unique and all the more valuable to future employers. Students participate in classroom work until they are ready to put their knowledge to the test in their fields. From there, they serve in internship positions, practicing the trades that will someday be their livelihoods.

The experience that students gain at Antioch University is about reaching, growing, developing and learning in the real world.


Antioch University alumni are today’s leaders.

At Antioch University, alumni leave with a quality education and a barrage of experience in their fields; skill sets that distinguish them in the competitive job market. Our alumni go on to mimic the faculty they learn from; they excel in the classroom and become leaders in their disciplines and communities, an accomplishment that AU celebrates each year.

AU alumni achievmentsEach year, Antioch University welcomes a diverse group of eager learners, who we challenge through the course of their studies to think beyond the confinements of traditional education and look to their future achievements and impact in the larger realm of their communities. We work to give students the skills and experience to cultivate leadership and inspire innovation to meet the changing and challenging demands of the world we occupy.

As a result, our alumni go on to do great things. They are able to rise to challenges and initiate programs for social enterprise, pioneer new approaches to environmental advocacy and transform education and cultural institutions, to name a few of the many accomplishments by old and new AU alumni.

All accomplishments, small and large, are needed to make the world spin. At AU, we recognize that, and celebrate all alumni victories. Where could a degree from Antioch University take you? Apply today.

Are you an Antioch University Alumni? Visit the Alumni page to re-connect.


Community engagement is at the core of Antioch University’s innovative educational model.

AU Diverse CommunityMultiple campus locations and programs as well as deeply rooted community ties are what set us apart. Just as we work to ensure our educational model and programs meets the challenging demands of a changing global economy, we embrace and enrich the diverse communities we inhabit.

Community involvement has earned Antioch University multiple accolades. This past year, AU was awarded two community service awards for the services we provide to the community through hands-on practice.

We embrace diversity at Antioch University.

With campuses in four states in the U.S. and our study abroad program sending students to ten countries, we are a global community. With an average student age of 35, students from across the world and every race, ethnicity and walk of life, we make diversity a part of who we are at AU. We’re proud to offer financial aid and various academic programs to make education more attainable and applicable for a broader range of students, in a larger number of disciplines.