Board of Governors

AU Board of Governors meeting at AUSB


Antioch University recognizes the importance of quality senior leadership in university governance as well as at central and campus administrative levels.

The governance structure across Antioch University is composed of the university-wide Board of Governors, campus Boards of Trustees and the Council of Board Chairs.

The campuses’ boards of trustees help students give back and get involved because they are from within the communities. Trustees are chosen from each campus region and serve as strategic partners with the University Board of Governors.

The Council of Board Chairs (CoBC) is an advisory group to the Chancellor and the Board of Governors on a wide range of matters bearing on campus governance and management. It also advises on University policies bearing on the functions and responsibilities of the campus boards of trustees. Its membership is composed of the Chairs of each campus’ Board of Trustees. The Chancellor and Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Governors are ex-officio members of the CoBC. The Council meets on a regular basis either in person or by teleconference.