Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Antioch University believes that service on a university board is a distinctive privilege. This privilege requires us to hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards.

Ultimate fiduciary authority and control of the Corporation and University are exclusively those of the Board of Governors,  and may not be delegated.

The Antioch University Board of Governors contributes in various ways to sustain the University’s integrity, traditions, quality, and reputation, and to promote its goals and strengthen its financial condition.

Membership on the Antioch University Board of Governors is not dependent on graduation from an Antioch campus or unit, and takes place as a result of a process that begins with a recommendation or nomination from any of its constituent parts. Membership involves the acceptance of certain individual fiduciary, ethical, and civic responsibilities widely accepted in higher education today.

By accepting the invitation to join the Board of Governors of Antioch University, members accept responsibilities that include the duties of care and loyalty. The duty of care is the obligation to exercise appropriate diligence and judgment in making decisions concerning the University and its assets, which are held in trust for current and future generations. The duty of loyalty requires members to support the University in achieving its vision and mission.

Charlotte M. Roberts, Chair

Howard Alan Coleman, Vice Chair

Bruce Bedford

Maureen Curley

Katrin Y. Dambrot

Lance Dublin

Enrique Figueroa

Carole Isom-Barnes

Lillian Lovelace

Elsa Luna

Holiday Hart McKiernan

James Morley, Jr.

Paul Mutty, JD

William M. Plater, Ph.D.

Lawrence D. Stone

Martha Summerville

Board Secretary: Leslie Bates