Alumni Achievement

Antioch University alumni are today’s leaders.

At Antioch University, alumni leave with a quality education and a barrage of experience in their fields; skill sets that distinguish them in the competitive job market. Our alumni go on to mimic the faculty they learn from; they excel in the classroom and become leaders in their disciplines and communities, an accomplishment that AU celebrates each year.

Antioch University Alumni gather in San FranciscoEach year, Antioch University welcomes a diverse group of eager learners, who we challenge through the course of their studies to think beyond the confinements of traditional education and look to their future achievements and impact in the larger realm of their communities. We work to give students the skills and experience to cultivate leadership and inspire innovation to meet the changing and challenging demands of the world we occupy.

As a result, our alumni go on to do great things. They are able to rise to challenges and initiate programs for social enterprise, pioneer new approaches to environmental advocacy and transform education and cultural institutions, to name a few of the many accomplishments by old and new AU alumni.

All accomplishments, small and large, are needed to make the world spin. At AU, we recognize that, and celebrate all alumni victories. Where could a degree from Antioch University take you? Apply today.

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