Committed Faculty

Our hallmark is our dedication to life-long learning.

Antioch University faculty are leading scholars and professionals in their fields of practice, and student learning is their priority. From industry-leading authors to Fulbright scholars, the professors of Antioch University are exceptional.

AU faculty are committed to students’ success. Grounded in the university’s legacy as a progressive institution, the faculty have long been committed to an education that is rigorous and relevant. All are dedicated to providing transformative learning experiences for their students. Antioch University’s degrees and programs are guided by the university’s core values of inclusiveness, social justice, experiential learning and socially engaged, global citizenship.

The pedagogy honors real-world experience  and the interface of theory, research, and practice. Antioch University’s learner-centered approach to teaching and learning includes designing program delivery models that meet the needs of adult learners with offerings of on-line, blended and classroom-based programs. Coursework gives students a relevant, practical education that will set them apart in their fields as graduates.

The small class sizes at Antioch University, combined with the experience our dedicated faculty bring to the classroom, produce alumni who excel and achieve beyond their expectations.