Rooted in Experience

Antioch University attracts students from all over the world.

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

They bring their personal experiences with them, as well as an open mind willing to invest in themselves, their peers and their communities while gaining an education that can change their lives. AU students are fully integrated with the real world from their first year to their last.

Education at Antioch University balances class time and experiential learning. Students take what they learn from our experienced, exceptional faculty  and put it to the test in a much more challenging laboratory: the real world. We believe that’s the only way to confirm your education is relevant, valuable and practical.

Just as the personal experiences students bring makes them unique, their experiences outside the classroom will make their education unique and all the more valuable to future employers. Students participate in classroom work until they are ready to put their knowledge to the test in their fields. From there, they serve in internship positions, practicing the trades that will someday be their livelihoods.

The experience that students gain at Antioch University is about reaching, growing, developing and learning in the real world.