Amy Blanchard, Antioch University New England

Amy Blanchard teaches in the Applied Psychology department at Antioch University New England. Prior to her time at AUNE, Professor Blanchard earned her BS in Family Studies at the University of Connecticut, her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and her PhD at Medical Family Therapy at East Carolina University.

“My doctoral degree is in Medical Family Therapy. This is a specialization of Marriage and Family Therapy with a unique focus on issues of health and illness and collaborative practice with medical providers. I have worked clinically in family practice, obstetrics, psychiatry and internal medicine. I have taught small groups about psychosocial issues to medical students and residents. My research has mostly centered around perinatal depression. I am currently secretary of the New Hampshire Association of Marriage and Family Therapy,” Amy said.

In the MA Applied Psychology program at Antioch University New England, Professor Blanchard teaches the following courses:

  • Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy
  • Doctoral Program:
  • Qualitative Research
  • Outcome Research
  • Teaching Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Practicum/Professional Seminar

Antioch University is one in which community service is encouraged, recognized and valued. The most obvious way this value is carried out by Dr. Blanchard is through her work at the Antioch Couple and Family Therapy Institute, the Marriage and Family Therapy’s training clinic. Students train using two-way mirrors, live supervision and video recording. The clinic serves the Keene community by offering affordable (sliding fee scale) therapy. Students see individuals, couples and families who are struggling with anything from worry to major depression, coping with illness, grief and marital problems, etc. A support group for families of people with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder is also offered at this location.

Amy also engages with the broader community across the state around perinatal mood disorders in her own time. Several years ago she became aware that there were pockets of people doing some great work to help mothers and families who struggle with postpartum depression. Along with a nurse practitioner, she started a learning collaborative to bring all these folks together and cross-train. Students help organize meetings, attend if interested and use them as a free way to gain training and to network.
Blanchard also does research in her own community with students. She is currently working with a student to explore same-sex couples transition to parenthood and postpartum depression.

Originally from Connecticut, Amy still lives close to the majority of her family. She is now located in Concord, New Hampshire. Amy is the mother of a 4 month old girl. She enjoys yoga, hiking and the outdoors.

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