Jim Gruber, Antioch University New England

Jim Gruber is a Core faculty member in the Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England, located in Keene, New Hampshire. He is also currently the Director of the Resource Management Conservation program and Sustainable Development concentration. Outside of the university, Jim Gruber is a professional civil engineer in the state of New Hampshire.




Professor Gruber teaches the following courses at AUNE:

  • Building Sustainable Organizations
  • Ecological Economics and Public Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Financial Administration Environmental Economics
  • Political Economy and Sustainability
  • Proposal Writing and the Grants Process
  • Financial Management I
  • Economics I: Neoclassical Economics
  • Economics II: Ecological Economics

Prior to coming to AUNE, Jim received his BS from San Diego State University, his MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and his PhD from the University of Zagreb. His prior experiences include: executive director of the Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District in Vermont, acting town manager and assistant town manager of Hartford, Vermont, assistant city manager/consultant for the City of Lebanon in New Hampshire, project manager of the Total Environmental Action Foundation in Keene, New Hampshire and town engineer for the Town of Swansea in Massachusetts.

Inside the classroom, Dr. Gruber integrates political and governmental experience with the traditional work by drawing upon his international and local consulting work with governmental entities. From his experiences, he is able to provide case studies, classroom simulations and outcomes of assistance work (such as reports, presentations, etc.). When appropriate, students are also encouraged to attend and help facilitate local multi-stakeholder types of strategic planning sessions.

Over the past 18 years at AUNE, more than 150 of Gruber’s students have worked on community service projects. These have ranged from helping a local town develop a land conservation plan, to helping Bulgaria develop its first national environmental policy after the fall of communism, to designing Keene’s bike pathway system. Many of these efforts have resulted in long-term tangible change. Dr. Gruber encourages students, faculty, staff and others to hop on a bike in Keene and try out the fruits of his students’ labor!

Gruber was also the founding executive director and co-founder of Antioch New England Institute (ANEI). ANEI encourages informed civic engagement through training, programs and resources in leadership development, community capacity building, environmental education and environmental policy development and implementation. More than 60 local, regional and international initiatives/projects are either on-going or have been completed during the last fifteen years.

Jim lives in Alstead, New Hampshire with his wife of 25 years, Patience Stoddard. Together they have two children; Daniel and Allison. He and his family reside in a self-designed ‘medieval style’ passive solar timber frame home and barn on 25 acres of land His family is consistently aware of the environment; they garden for some of their food, heat their house with wood and solar power and tap maple trees for syrup. In addition to the family, they have a couple of horses, a cat and a dog. Jim’s personal hobbies include timber-frame design and construction and lead glass windows.

For more information, contact Dr. Gruber by email at: jgruber@antioch.edu.