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Virtual Writing Center

Student Praise for the VWC

Since 2011, the Virtual Writing Center has provided support for student writing in a convenient online format. Here are a few comments that Antioch students shared about their experiences with the VWC:

  • The tutor’s review and suggestions were excellent. My questions were answered satisfactorily and minor flaws in the paper were brought to my attention.
  • The feedback was quick, clear, and well received. Thank you!
  • The notes given to me were extremely helpful. I use the writing lab frequently. The lab always helps me not only improve my paper, but teaches me skills that I can continue to use for improving my writing.
  • This is my first time using the VWC and I wasn’t sure how it worked. The instructions were very explicit and easy to follow. I was surprised at the quick and thorough response.
  • Your help was invaluable and helped me make the paper clearer and more precise. Thanks.

New & Noteworthy

The Writer’s Toolkit: The VWC’s biweekly newsletter is nearing 600 subscribers! Each newsletter is both a story of something we encounter as writers, and some suggestions for how to move forward. Thanks go to all to all of the VWC and campus staff who contribute, and their willingness to share their authentic experiences as writers. Click here to read the latest issue, check out the archives, or subscribe via your e-mail.

Creative Submissions: Composing a poem? Working on a fictional story? The VWC can help! Several of our peer consultants are in the AULA MFA program and are eager to read your creative work. Submit your creative pieces the same way you would academic writing to receive feedback.

Multiple Perspectives: Please note our response time is within 48 hours from the time of submission. If submitting multiple versions of the same piece, be advised you might have a different consultant each time. This is because our consultants are also students who work only a few hours on particular days each week. However, this is also a benefit to you as the writer, since multiple perspectives and different styles of explanation will help you develop your own style and aesthetics. Writing—even academic writing—requires a writer to make critical and creative decisions about how best to serve their purpose. If you wish to work with a specific tutor, you can do so by making a request to meet with them via live consultation. Simply email, and be sure to include your availability and deadline. We are excited to collaborate with you to help make each piece of writing the best it can be!

Consultant Spotlight: Welcome to our two newest Peer Consultants! Tammy Cloutier joins us from the New England campus, where she is pursuing a PhD in the Environmental Studies department, and Marcena Hooks joins us from the Los Angeles campus, where she a candidate for an MFA in Creative Writing.

Campus-Specific Logins: The VWC has recently changed our eTutoring login screens to specify the actual campus in which you are enrolled.Visit the eTutoring homepage and select your campus from among the Antioch Consortium.

Antioch University Connected: The VWC proudly supports students in our online programs at Antioch University Connected. Click here to read a personal message from our director, Dr. Anne Maxham.