Virtual Writing Center

Welcome to the Virtual Writing Center!

The VWC is a free service for Antioch University students, and we give feedback on your writing from start to finish!

  • writing centerOutlining and Planning: Submit your outlines and notes for feedback on ideas!
  • Major Revision: Submit your rough drafts, and even incomplete drafts, for big picture feedback!
  • Minor Revision: Submit your 2nd or 3rd drafts to work on paragraph structure and sentence-level feedback!
  • Style and Polish: Submit your near-final drafts for suggestions about APA or MLA, word choice, and grammar!

To take advantage of peer feedback from the VWC, just click the login link for your campus or program under “Submit Your Writing” on the right. Also check out “Submitting Writing and What to Expect” above to learn more about the feedback process.

Consultant Spotlight

LaurenKinney_SpotlightLauren Kinney joined the VWC team this past Summer, and she is about to enter her fourth semester of the MFA in creative writing at Antioch University Los Angeles. In her most recent semester, she was working on translating fiction from Spanish to English, and wrote a critical paper about the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector’s short stories. She is participating in NaNoWriMo 2016, a writing challenge in honor of National Novel Writing Month in which participants draft a novel of at least 50,000 words in November.




New & Noteworthy

Welcome Back! We hope you had a great winter break and wish you a Happy New Year! The VWC is also back from Winter Break and we’re looking forward to reading your work. As always, we’re happy to give feedback on your academic writing, your creative writing, your professional writing, or really anything else you’d like to send our way for another set of eyes!

Finding Clarity Despite the Clutter: Director of Writing Anne Maxham writes about how she escapes the pull of multi-tasking to write intentionally.

“Today, I’m juggling emails, finishing reports, editing texts, and writing this reflection.  If I am not careful, a variety of documents stack upon each other on my screen, and multiple internet browsers lie open, tempting me to explore in new directions. My desktop becomes congested, mirroring my life.” Read her full piece here!

Beyond Rules: VWC Consultant Lauren Kinney writes about how her approach to essays has evolved in this month’s edition of the VWC Newsletter.

“I think an English teacher told me that one possible way to start an introduction is to define a key word, and this stuck with me enough that I applied the dictionary rule every time I began an essay, for the rest of high school.” Read her full piece here!

Academic Writing Month: The AUNE Library is hosting #AcWriMo (like NaNoWriMo, for academic work!) Thursdays in November–come by 5-7pm for writing, snacks, and support from the Library or the AUNE Writing Center. Set goals for yourself, and share how you do with them! Even if you’re not on the New England campus, participate by sharing your goals on the VWC or AUNE Writing Center Facebook pages, or the Library Instagram!

APA Blues: VWC Consultant Alena Rogers writes about her encounters with academic writing and style in this month’s edition of the VWC newsletter.

“I was excited to explore writing further, but the formal tone of this genre – its bias for conciseness and against poetic language, combined with what seemed a byzantine set of rules (the APA 6th  ed. manual is 272 pages!) – felt like a force that I couldn’t reckon with.” Read her full piece here!

Revised Long Submission Policy: We’ve changed the way we deal with longer pieces of work so that we can address them more holistically and give you more consistent feedback. We’ll no longer review long papers as 10-page chunks in separate files; instead, please ask the GA to focus on a particular 10 pages of work in any given submission, then apply that feedback to your entire document before resubmitting. Once you’ve revised, you are welcome to resubmit the whole document and ask for focus on a different area.

Read our whole submission policy here.


Announcing The Writers’ Exchange:

The Writers’ Exchange is the newest service available to AU students and alumni.

Are you working on a large project? Do you want professional editing and proofreading, or need your dissertation edited for formatting and style? Are you looking for individualized support and coaching, perhaps to develop work for publication? WEX editors and writing coaches are professionals with the expertise and experience to help you refine your writing.

Services from The Writers’ Exchange are available to anyone, but we offer discounted prices  exclusive to Antioch University students and alumni.

For more details on WEX services, check out our website: If you’re interested in using WEX during the pilot period, please e-mail directly to


Student Praise for the VWC

Since 2011, the Virtual Writing Center has provided support for student writing in a convenient online format. Here are a few comments that Antioch students shared about their experiences with the VWC:

  • The tutor’s review and suggestions were excellent. My questions were answered satisfactorily and minor flaws in the paper were brought to my attention.
  • The feedback was quick, clear, and well received. Thank you!
  • The notes given to me were extremely helpful. I use the writing lab frequently. The lab always helps me not only improve my paper, but teaches me skills that I can continue to use for improving my writing.
  • This is my first time using the VWC and I wasn’t sure how it worked. The instructions were very explicit and easy to follow. I was surprised at the quick and thorough response.
  • Your help was invaluable and helped me make the paper clearer and more precise. Thanks.