Virtual Writing Center

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Virtual Writing Center

Welcome to the Virtual Writing Center!

The VWC is a free service for Antioch University students, and we give feedback on your writing from start to finish!

  • Outlining and Planning: Submit your outlines and notes for feedback on ideas!
  • Major Revision: Submit your rough drafts, and even incomplete drafts, for big picture feedback!
  • Minor Revision: Submit your 2nd or 3rd drafts to work on paragraph structure and sentence-level feedback!
  • Style and Polish: Submit your near-final drafts for suggestions about APA or MLA, word choice, and grammar!

To take advantage of peer feedback from the VWC, just click the login link for your campus or program under “Submit Your Writing” on the right. Also check out “Submitting Writing and What to Expect” above to learn more about the feedback process.

Student Praise for the VWC

Since 2011, the Virtual Writing Center has provided support for student writing in a convenient online format. Here are a few comments that Antioch students shared about their experiences with the VWC:

  • The tutor’s review and suggestions were excellent. My questions were answered satisfactorily and minor flaws in the paper were brought to my attention.
  • The feedback was quick, clear, and well received. Thank you!
  • The notes given to me were extremely helpful. I use the writing lab frequently. The lab always helps me not only improve my paper, but teaches me skills that I can continue to use for improving my writing.
  • This is my first time using the VWC and I wasn’t sure how it worked. The instructions were very explicit and easy to follow. I was surprised at the quick and thorough response.
  • Your help was invaluable and helped me make the paper clearer and more precise. Thanks.

Consultant Spotlight

HewsonphotoTwo years ago, Heather Hewson decided to start a long postponed MFA program in creative writing and hasn’t looked back since. At Antioch University Los Angeles she has been able to combine her art and writing, and is currently working on a graphic memoir. She is a voracious reader and believes that reading is one of the greatest pleasures. She brings this enthusiasm to writing and drawing as well asking, “At what point do we know we are good writers? At what point do we think are we bad writers? Mostly, we are all somewhere in the middle.” At the Virtual Writing Center, Heather looks at each paper as a chance to collaborate with another student and hopes that by asking questions, everyone’s voice gets stronger.

New & Noteworthy

VWC in AUDirect: Now you can find the VWC through a link in AUDirect! Thanks to the student who suggested this in our recent online survey; we appreciate your feedback and we’re always interested in suggestions for how to better meet your needs.

New Resource: Evaluating Research. As you look for material to support your work, how do you decide what’s useful and what’s not? How do you quickly figure out whether a piece of research is relevant and accurate? Check out some tips on the research process.

New Resource: Corresponding With Your Instructor. Especially at the beginning of new quarters and new classes, you will probably find yourself needing to e-mail your professor with questions. Now we have a resource to help you answer questions such as “how formal should I be?” and “how long is too long?”

LaurenCongratulations to Lauren Weisberg for receiving the 2016 Horace Mann Spirit of Service Scholarship Award. The Horace Mann Scholarship recognizes individual students who have won victories (large and small) for humanity through their work or volunteerism.  Lauren is among five 2016 awardees who were selected by committee from a pool of 30 applicants, and each will receive a $2,500 scholarship award for the Spring 2016 term. Lauren is pursuing her PsyD through New England’s Clinical Psychology Program, and has worked with the VWC through the AUNE Writing Center, since 2013.


LorindaLorinda Toledo was recently awarded the Diane J. Goldsmith Award for Excellence in eTutoring for the exemplary writing support she has provided to AU students in the AU Virtual Writing Center. Each year, eTutoring recognizes a tutor who has had a significant impact on the development and delivery of online tutoring. Lorinda was selected after a review of nominees representing the eTutoring community of over 140 institutions of higher education.

In the nomination, Lorinda’s influence and consistent excellence were acknowledged and supported through student survey responses that consistently recognize Lorinda by name for her valuable and thorough feedback. Dr. Anne Maxham, Director of the AU-VWC, comments: “Lorinda has been an been an integral member of the VWC Team since 2013: she inspires writers to achieve greater success through her encouraging and thoughtful commentary.” Lorinda is a recent graduate of the AULA MFA Program and is presently pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she also received the Black Mountain Institute Fellowship.

The Writer’s Toolkit: The VWC’s biweekly newsletter has passed 600 subscribers! Each newsletter is both a story of something we encounter as writers, and some suggestions for how to move forward. Thanks go to all to all of the VWC and campus staff who contribute, and their willingness to share their authentic experiences as writers. Read the latest issue, check out the archives, or subscribe via your e-mail.

Creative Submissions: Composing a poem? Working on fiction or creative non-fiction? The VWC can help! Several of our peer consultants are in the AULA MFA program and are eager to read your creative work. Submit your creative pieces the same way you would academic writing to receive feedback.