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Winter 2017 BA Liberal Studies Senior Symposium

March 2, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 8:00 pm PST

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Graphic with BA Liberal Studies Symposium Date and Schedule

Come join us to learn from our celebrated students at this quarter’s BA Liberal Studies Senior Symposium!

The scheduled presentations are as follows:

11 am -Jonathan Catlett

Fairy Tales and the Human Psyche

Fairy tales represent one of the most concentrated forms of study in archetypes and thecollective unconsciousness. Drawing on the theories of Carl Jung and Marie-Louise VonFranz, Jonathan Catlett shares how fairy tales had led him to discover illuminating transcendentalism in his life and fueled his newly discovered passion for DepthPsychology. Finally, Jonathan reads The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs, a fairy tale

that inspired his research.

1 pm – Natasha Bruskin

Melting the Iceberg: The Subconscious Effect of Media

In a culture obsessed with media, we are often bombarded with messages from advertisements, film and television that we ingest without reflection. Natasha Bruskinslices apart the importance of why it matters to be a critical and active participant withinmedia. She focuses her lens on the submerged stereotypes and underlying meanings toprovide a perspective of the media as an avenue for participatory dialogue of theworld around us.

2 pm – Mel Plant

Mindfulness and Art Making

Art is the language of the heart and psyche. In a multimedia presentation, Mel Plantshows how making art and music has assisted in her recovery from trauma and abuse,and how one Seattle organization is bringing the transformational power of art makingto marginalized communities.

3 pm – Julie Beach

The Intentional Breath

Breathwork is emerging as a preventative approach to disease. Explore with Julie Beachhow breathing practices pair with therapeutic measures in alleviating symptomsassociated with depression, anxiety and addiction. Participate in a sampling oftechniques for balancing the limbic brain, cleansing the endocrine system and ignitingwellbeing through the breath.

4 pm – Casey Ruff

Story: Writing from Apprentice to Journeyman

Story is how we connect ourselves to many truths. Join Casey Ruff in a reflection on storyand how it connects individuals to the collective and vice versa. He shares his personalhistory, his “write hack” insights, and what it means to have deepening relationship withstorytelling. Included are excerpts from his debut anti-Western novel, Three Americans,and passages from his India travelogue, Fortune and Glory.

5 pm – Ali Alonso

Gender and Generational Trauma

Unresolved trauma is often passed on inadvertently through generations. The addedstress of being a woman or non-binary in patriarchal society equally has taken its toll ongenerations of women. Join Ali Alonso as she presents a personal case study anddiscusses aggregated trauma and the familial transmission of suffering.

6 pm – Jonathan Castro

Blessings from an Arbitrary Universe

Life is inherently meaningless, and that is wonderful news. From a zealous preacher to anatheist and Recovering Christian, follow Jonathan Castro as he recounts his journey increating meaning and finding joy in his own life in an arbitrary universe.

7 pm – Maurya Campeau

A Second Chance: Healing Through ÖThe Beautiful Game’

The arena of competitive youth soccer is a minefield of pressure, anxiety and unrealisticexpectations for its young participants. For female adolescents, soccer has the potentialto radiate positive ripples into their lives far after that participation ends. Join MauryaCampeau as she retraces her personal journey with ÖThe Beautiful Game’ and how itinspired her to create an innovative curriculum for young female athletes.


March 2, 2017
11:00 am - 8:00 pm PST


Antioch University Seattle
2400 3rd Ave #200
Seattle, WA 98121 United States
(888) 268-4477
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