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MBA/RMC Community Meeting Forum – Applying Evaluative Thinking to Work as a Professional

February 24, 2018 @ 8:30 am - 10:00 am EST

Antioch University New England campus building in the winter

George Tremblay headshot “What is vidence-based practice” in organizations? Managers are under increasing pressure to employ evidence-based practices – which is often interpreted as adopting strategies that others have found effective. George Tremblay, Co-Director of Antioch’s Center for Behavioral Health Innovation (BHI), will discuss how he and his colleagues strive to help organizations identify high leverage learning opportunities in their own experience. Practitioners tend to believe strongly in what they do; inviting them to set aside their “promoting self” and adopt a more curious, learning posture is at the heart of BHI’s work. We’ll talk about how to reveal, examine, and test the assumptions that are driving our management decisions, and take evidence-based practice to a deeper level.

The BHI approach to collaboration is that we strive to straddle scholar/practitioner identity. Our purpose is to help improve practice – not by prescribing interventions, but by inviting practitioners into a learning posture:

  • What might we help you learn about your practice, that could make your work more effective?
  • How might you focus on decisions you need to make within the next year or so, for which more information might be useful.
  • How would we know if your work were more effective? (early or imperfect indicators are better than none; the purpose of measurement is to reduce – not eliminate – uncertainty)

We will also participate in a a Logic modeling activity on Bringing Evaluative Thinking to Your Work:

  • Articulate what you seek to achieve, how you might get there (theory of how your intervention will result in a change).
  • What are some high leverag “knowledge gas” that you might explore, in your theory of change: what could you learn?
  • What might be some measurable indicators of effectiveness and impact?

The Community Meeting is open to all students, alumni and interested guests.


February 24, 2018
8:30 am - 10:00 am EST


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