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Spring 2017 BA Senior Symposium

June 1, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 9:00 pm PDT

Antioch University- bus

You are invited to join our BA in Liberal Studies gradating senior students as they present their program learning, research and creative projects for graduation at this June 2017 Senior Symposium!

Click on the graphic for the flier PDF, or scroll below to see information about each student presentation in non-flier format.

Program Schedule for the BA Senior Symposia Schedule, 2017

B.A. Program Senior Symposia Schedule


Room 202

11am Kevin Mekkelsen

Cooking My Way Into Community

Kevin has developed a career path that intertwines the arts and counseling. Here at Antioch Kevin has continued his education in counseling and the arts. Cooking has been one of Kevin’s passions as an artist and he has developed a way to use cooking as a therapeutic tool at work. Join us as Kevin shares his experiences in cooking as a counselor and recipes that have helped him shape community.

12 pm Kasey Karp

Math Sucks

Students often have anxiety around learning. In middle school Kacey struggled with math and knows first hand about feeling not good enough. Her presentation will focus on factors that impact learning, and suggest approaches to anxiety that may assist students of all ages. Finally, Kacey will outline her innovative plan to change student experience through her work with youth.

1 pm Candace Joy

Remythologizing Out Of the Wound

Our personal stories are based on the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. If we can change the narrative we tell, we can change ourselves. Candace will share how her new story has brought healing and how this wisdom is available for everyone.

2 pm Dom Cohen

Surviving an Hour With Postpartum Depression

As a new mother, excited about all the things that come along with a new baby, Dom was not anticipating certain obstacles. Due to challenges she experienced with breastfeeding, she was inspired to learn more about risk factors that mothers are faced with contributing to postpartum depression. Join Dom as she shares her research into motherhood, postpartum depression and their effects on a woman’s mental health and well-being.

4 pm Angie Skellington

A Voice for Becoming

Angie started at Antioch with an extremely detailed and outlined vision. A transformation occurred that led to a Hero’s Journey. Join her to explore this odyssey.

6 pm Samy Mohamed

6,822 Miles

Samy’s journey as a Liberal Arts student started 6,822 miles away. An international student from Cairo, his story begins with his participation in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and ends with his self-discovery at Antioch University. Join Samy as he pays homage to his storytelling culture by recalling his path to spiritual unearthing and social justice awakening.

8 pm Jaime Cara

The Truth About Stories

“Vulnerability unlocks the truths within us, and is found at the intersection of humanity andempathy for the human experience.”

Stories connect us and shape our realities. It takes a lot of vulnerability to challenge social constructs and connect to one’s authentic self. Jaime will share her own experience practicing vulnerability and the transformative moments that happened along the way.

Room 227

6 pm Alexis Husson

Invisible Youth

Growing up is hard to do. It’s even harder without a safety net. Imagine a place where it could be a little easier. Alexis Husson explores her dream of creating a program that provides a supportive environment, peer mentorship, community, and leadership opportunities for teens and young adults as they transition into adulthood.

7 pm Lara Vander Woude

The Momentum of Fixed Positions

Lara Vander Woude will present a collection of original poetry about a multiplicity of human locations: the self in relationship to attention, education, spirituality, queerness, and the Earth. The reading will be followed by a reflection on process, inspiration, and identity in the work of crafting poems.

8 pm Caleb Tizon

Why Something, Not Nothing?

Join Caleb Tizon in an exploration of one of life’s most fundamental questions: why is there something when, logically, there should be nothing? Caleb will delve into various theories of existence and the cosmos, as well as their implications for the human psyche. He will also be performing live music to highlight each theory.

Room 230

7 pm Amethyst Thorpe

Suspending Disbelief

Performance art and installation art frequently explore the absurdity of existence itself. In doing so, the artist creates an atmosphere of uneasy anticipation, where the lines between art and audience blur, and for a moment – somewhat terrifyingly – anything is possible. Inspired by the therapeutic power of creative expression, Amethyst explores the realms of interactive installation and performance, and the potential of these dynamic art forms to engage individuals and communities in social dialogues and transformative experiences.


June 1, 2017
11:00 am - 9:00 pm PDT
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Antioch University Seattle
2400 3rd Ave #200
Seattle, WA 98121 United States
(888) 268-4477

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