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Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist, Dr. Reed received her doctorate in medicine from Dartmouth Medical School and her training in obstetrics and gynecology from Georgetown University. She practiced obstetrics and gynecology for twenty years at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she relished being a physician and performing deliveries and major surgery, she had always been fascinated with the interface between mental health and physical health and how each informs the other. Consequently, she began studies in the PsyD Department at Antioch University in 2008 with an emphasis in health psychology. She received her PsyD in 2013. Following an internship in geropsychology at the Miami Veterans’ Administration Hospital and a postdoctoral year of training in PTSD and military sexual trauma at Hampton Veterans’ Administration Hospital, Dr. Reed worked with integrated-care teams at Atlanta Veterans’ Administration Hospital.

Currently, Dr. Reed is the founder of the Center for Medical Psychology and Counselling in Atlanta, GA where she supervises the provision of mental health services for individuals with chronic medical problems. She is also the founder of ReproPsych, a non-profit corporation that provides psychological services to women in Georgia with post-partum anxiety.

Dr. Reed’s area of interest is in working with women and men with infertility and reproductive loss. She is currently in training at Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute where she focuses her work on the utility of applying psychoanalytic tenets to therapies for individuals with psychological sequelae of infertility. She is on the Board of the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society.

She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Georgia and Virginia.


Adjunct Faculty

Clinical Psychology


Center for Medical Psychology and Counselling in Atlanta, GA


ReproPsych, GA

MD, Dartmouth Medical School
PsyD, Antioch University

Board Member, Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society

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