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Kiara Nagel, MCP

Antioch University Los Angeles

Kiara Nagel is an Associate with The Center for Story-based Strategy and an Affiliate with Interaction Institute for Social Change. Kiara has contributed to local, national and international initiatives focused on social justice and transformational change and trained and supported organizers, educators, and young people to be more effective and creative in their work. Her work, emerging from an exploration of the historical patterns of development and forced displacement, aims to enable those directly affected to engage in decision-making about how their places can be shaped, understood and represented. Kiara holds a Masters in City Planning from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and serves on the faculty of Antioch University and the International Youth Initiative Program in Sweden.

Educational History

MCP in Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BA in Liberal Arts and Community Development, Hampshire College

“Spatial Justice: a frame for reclaiming our rights to be, thrive, express and connect,” with CCHE 2012.

Rendering the Invisible Visible: Cultural Architecture in Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn,” with Kenneth Bailey. Progressive Planning. Winter 2008.

“Losing Our Commons: Predatory Planning in New Orleans,” MultiCultural Review. Spring 2007.

“Hanging Planning’s Dirty Laundry,” with analise defonza and Lisa Depiano. UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environment Studies v. 16: Planning, Culture, Space. 2007.

“Sustaining Campus/Community Partnerships in a Metropolitan Region,” with Myrna Breitbart et. al.
Inside and Out: Universities and Education for Sustainable Development. Baywood Publishing, New York: 2006.

“Building Genuine Campus/Community Partnerships: A Retrospective,” Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO), Fall 2003.

“Conference Planning as Cross-cultural Community Organizing,” Progressive Planning, Fall 2002.

Kiara Nagel

Adjunct Faculty,

Undergraduate Studies Department


Courses Taught

URB 313 Community, Autonomy and Justice
BUS 325 The Business of Social Change
BUS 335 Social Entrepreneurship: From Vision to Manifestation
URS 628 The Power of Story: Crafting Strategy, Meme and Messages for Social Change
BUS 321 Transformative Forces: Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship

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