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Shira Musicant

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Shira Musicant, MA, LMFT, BC-DMT, SEP, has been practicing as a somatic therapist since 1985. In addition to training in dance/movement therapy and Somatic Experiencing, Shira has studied Hakomi with Ron Kurtz and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy with Pat Ogden. Both her teaching and her therapy practice are further informed by studies in process-oriented EMDR, and over thirty-five years of practicing and teaching Authentic Movement. She has taught dance/movement therapy courses for the Center for Movement Education and Research (CMER).

Shira’s publications include academic articles on Authentic Movement, and, for various literary journals, short creative nonfiction and fiction.

She is an adjunct faculty member, teaching the MA in Clinical Psychology, Somatic Psychotherapy Concentration, and Somatic Psychotherapy Certificate programs.

Shira Musicant

Adjunct Faculty,

MA in Clinical Psychology


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