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Susanne C. Moser, PhD

Antioch University New England

The central theme of my work is change. Particularly climate change and social change.

How does it happen? What are its effects? How do we deal with it? And how do we change ourselves, our practices and institutions, to adapt to change, live rich and meaningful lives, and create a just, equitable, sustainable, humane, and beautiful world?

I conduct research and provide consulting services addressing these questions.

As a leading US expert on adaptation, science-policy interactions, decision support, and climate change communication, I emphasize practical, collaborative, solutions-oriented and ethically-grounded work.

I have extensive experience working in the US, Australia, Europe and Canada, in coastal, forest, conservation, and infrastructure sectors, and in urban and rural communities. I have led and participated in projects which assess the impacts of climate change; examine the vulnerabilities and preparedness of human communities and ecosystems; identify barriers to adaptation and strategies to overcome them; explore what adaptation “success” might mean, help communities move toward it, and foster awareness and understanding of the need for transformative change.

My focus on policy, governance, communication, human behavior, and psycho-social resilience stems from my commitment to putting the best available science to work in policy and management arenas and from my desire to help those who help all of us. In all of this, it is essential to me that the public is involved in the most effective and meaningful ways to constructively co-create the future.

The goal of my work is to help increase resilience, reduce vulnerability, and transform the ways we interact with our environment and each other to sustain a livable planet and live peaceful, just, and meaningful lives.

Educational History

Ph.D.                  Geography, Clark University, Worcester, MA (1997)
M.A.                   Geography, Clark University, Worcester, MA (1995)
Diplom               (M.A. equivalent) Applied Physical Geography, University of Trier, Germany (1994)
Certificate          Canadian Studies, University of Trier (1994)
Vordiplom         (B.A. equivalent) Applied Physical Geography, University of Trier, Germany (1990)

*Selected, since 2018

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Moser, Susanne C., J. A. Ekstrom, J. Kim and S. Hentsch (2019). Adaptation finance archetypes: Local governments’ persistent challenges of funding adaptation to climate change and ways to overcome them. Ecology & Society 24(2): [28] available at:

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Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group (2018). Paying It Forward: The Path Toward Climate-Safe Infrastructure in California. A report to the California State Legislature and Strategic Growth Council. Sacramento, CA; CNRA, Publication number: CNRA-CCA4-CSI-001 (report written by S.C. Moser and J.F. Hart).

Moser, Susanne C. and C. Daniels (2018). Look Ahead San Francisco: Results from Visualization Research Conducted for San Francisco. Hadley, MA: Susanne Moser Research & Consulting.

Moser, Susanne C., Ekstrom, J.A., Kim, J., Heitsch, S. (2018). Adaptation Finance Challenges: Characteristic Patterns Facing California Local Governments and Ways to Overcome Them. California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, California Natural Resources Agency. Publication number: CCC4A-CNRA-2018-007.

Moser, Susanne C., Finzi Hart, J.A., Newton Mann, A.G., Sadrpour, N., and Grifman, P.M. (2018). Growing Effort, Growing Challenge: Findings from the 2016 CA Coastal Adaptation Needs Assessment Survey. California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, California Natural Resources Agency. Publication number: CCCA4-EXT-2018-009.

Moser, S.C. and J.F. Hart (2018). The Adaptation Blindspot: Teleconnected and Cascading Impacts of Climate Change in the Electrical Grid and Lifelines of Los Angeles. California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, California Energy Commission. Publication number: CCCA4-CEC-2018-008.

Moser, Susanne C., J. Coffee and A. Seville (2018). Rising to the Challenge, Together: A Review and Critical Assessment of the State of the US Climate Adaptation Field. Report Prepared for the Kresge Foundation. Troy, MI: The Kresge Foundation.

Moser, Susanne C. (2020). Adapting to Climate Change: Meeting the Human Task & Preparing Ourselves and the Future Workforce. Ouranos Annual Meeting, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, November 4.

Moser, Susanne C. (2020). Communicating Climate Adaptation. Adaptation Scotland, August 13.

Moser, Susanne C. (2020). Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Us: Climate First Responders, their Issues, and Implications for Psychologists. American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, virtual delivery due to pandemic, April 17.

Moser, Susanne C. (2019). Adaptation: The Step Child of Climate Policy? MIT Symposium on Climate Policy, Cambridge, MA, October 29.

Moser, Susanne C. (2019). Reflections on Transformations 2019. Closing keynote address. Transformations 2019, Santiago, Chile, October 19

Moser, Susanne C. (2019). Hope in the Face of Climate Change: The Real New Deal. Invited keynote address during the Earth Day celebration, UMass-Amherst, April 17.

Moser, Susanne C. (2019). How to cope—and even hope—in an age of apparent doom. An Interview with Susanne Moser. Building Green. Available at:

Moser, Susanne C. (2019). Despairing about climate change? An Interview with Susi Moser. Earth Island Journal, July 22, 2019. Available at:

Moser, Susanne C. (2018). Building Skill and Capacity across the Adaptation Field. Invited Plenary Speech at the Biannual Meeting of the Canadian Adaptation Platform, Winnipeg, November 28.

Moser, Susanne C. (2018). Stages and Status of Adaptation: Overcoming Barriers, Building Capacity and Rolling Up Our Collective Sleeves. Invited keynote address at the Southwest Regional Adaptation Conference. Tucson, AZ, October 29.

Moser, Susanne C. (2018). No bystanders! On the roles, tasks and capacities of the researcher in societal transformations to sustainability. Invited keynote address at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) conference on Boundary Spanning: Advances in Socio-Environmental Systems Research, Annapolis, MD, June 12.

Moser, Susanne C. (2018). Hope in Darkening Times: Pathways and Outcomes Worth Creating Together. Invited opening keynote address at Local Solutions 2018, Manchester, NH, May 1.

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, California Climate Stewards Program

Member, Organizing Committee, Managed Retreat 2021

Member, Steering Committee, 5th National Adaptation Forum 2021, Atlanta, GA

Co-Chair, Scientific Steering Committee, Transformations 2019 (international conference), Santiago, Chile, October 2019

Co-Chair, Rising to Coastal Challenges: Social Science Perspectives on Research Needs for Responding to Rising Seas; (Scoping meeting, with Richard Moss), convened by the National Academies’ Board on Environmental Change and Society and the Board on Human Systems Integration

Member, Scientific Steering Committee, IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C global warming. (Scoping meeting

Member, Future Earth Science Committee

Member, Federal Development and Advisory Committee, Third National Climate Assessment.

Susanne Moser headshot

Research Faculty,

Environmental Studies


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