Online Learning

Antioch University meets the needs of their students through constant development and change.

Online Learning

We offer a range of programs that are responsive to emerging needs.

Online Learning

We help our students to strive to realize their intellectual potential and to explore their dreams.

Online Learning

Antioch University’s learner-centered approach to teaching and learning includes multiple delivery models that meet the needs of today’s adult learners.

Access an Education Defined by Quality

At Antioch University, we hold that the value of any education is a balance between quality of experience and the affordability of taking careers further. Our innovative online bachelor’s completion and master’s degree programs reach students who aspire to make a professional career that aligns with their passion for improving the lives of others.

We offer higher education that acknowledges the common good, prizes hands-on learning, and is inspired by a diverse academic community. We seek to instill in our students the knowledge and self-awareness to become lifelong learners, compassionate leaders, and world citizens. Whatever your profession and goals, Antioch University offers you the tools to transform your world for the better.

We provide more than just the convenience of online learning. At Antioch, students gain leadership skills and diverse perspectives to give back to their communities while keeping their financial futures intact.

Online Master’s Degree Programs

Participate in an online graduate program inspired by our commitment to the common good. Choose your path toward becoming an agent of change.

MBA with Sustainable Tourism Concentration

Master of Human Services Administration

Online Learning – AU Connected

AU Connected – Antioch University now offers several BA completion programs that are fully online, but mirror and embrace the in-class course curricula and commitment to experiential learning, faculty attention, and quality programming that makes our educational experience so unique. These courses feature 24/7 support and custom concierge services that support students who need a completely flexible educational environment that only a fully online education can provide to meet their needs.

Blended Programs – A Mix of Online and Face-to-Face Learning

Blended programs (also known as hybrid programs) integrate online learning with periods of time when students attend sessions on campus. Antioch University offers several of these blended programs at that master’s and doctoral level. The number of days and frequency of required residency sessions varies widely by academic program and range from one weekend per month to four weeklong sessions each year.

Flexible Classroom Schedules for Local Programs

Many of Antioch University’s classroom-based programs are designed to accommodate the needs of students who are unable to attend classes offered in the traditional university model. Depending upon the academic program, courses may be offered during the day, during the evening, or on the weekends. In addition, classroom-based programs may include field trips, studio sessions and off-campus activities, as well as limited online courses.

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