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GSLC Tuition & Fees

The Graduate School of Leadership and Change program is committed to keeping tuition as reasonable as possible to ensure the highest quality education and as predictable as possible to help our students plan and be prepared for their doctoral journey.

PhD in Leadership and Change

Guaranteeing tuition from subsequent tuition hikes is one way to achieve this by making planning for a PhD more predictable. The Graduate School of Leadership and Change is pleased to announce guaranteed fixed tuition for the student’s first three pre-candidacy years.

All current and incoming students for 2024-25 will be guaranteed fixed tuition in their first three pre-candidacy years. The guarantee holds for the first three pre-candidacy years only. After the three pre-candidacy years, annual tuition will be set at the tuition of the incoming class of that year. The program may increase tuition on successive incoming classes from year to year.

Annual tuition (PhD)

Guaranteed fixed tuition is offered in the PhD in Leadership and Change Program for the first three years. Once a student advances to candidacy, the tuition is half of full tuition, beginning in the trimester following advancement. For 2024-25, the tuition is $27,848. Payment plans are available.


Application fee$50
Enrollment Deposit (credited toward tuition)$500
Dissertation completion fee$1000
Late payment fee$50
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee$50
Payment plan application fee$40
Transcript fee$15 (with narratives), $10 (without narratives), $35 minimum (expedited delivery; additional surcharge as necessary to cover delivery costs)
Inter-residency Dissertation Defense Fee$1000
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*All fees listed below are non-refundable.
*Rates are subject to change each academic year effective July 1.

Cost of Attendance (PhD)

The predictable cost of attendance is tuition. As at any school, there are additional educational expenses that vary from student to student, depending upon personal circumstances. Annual travel and accommodation expenses depend upon the locations of the residencies a student attends and the requirements of the program. The PhD program uses standard budgets to estimate the average student’s annual cost of attendance during a 12-month term. Below is the standard cost-of-attendance budget for the PhD program.

This budget is used for determining eligibility for student loans and immigration visas, as well as other purposes. It is an estimate of the average cost; the actual cost of attendance may vary.

Budget (PhD)

Annual tuition$27,849
Room and board (based on 10 nights x $150 hotel; $50 food a day)$1,500
Transportation (based on 2 residencies x $500 transportation each)$3,876
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Union Cohort Information

The Graduate School of Leadership and Change engaged with The Union Institute and University in late 2023 to teach out doctoral students in a planned transfer agreement for degree completion. The PhDLC Union Cohort is not accepting new students.

Tuition (Union Cohort)

Cost per Credit $1095
ABD Student Cost Per Credit$800
Dissertation Supervision Course (RSH-7800)$2000
Program Completion Extension (RSH-7990)$1400
Graduation Fee$450
Materials and Access Fee per term (waived for term 1)$75
Transcript Fee per term$15 (with narratives)
$10 (without narratives)
$35 minimum (expedited delivery; additional surcharge as necessary to cover delivery costs)
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