Every year, regardless of the state of our economy, Americans give about 2 percent of their personal disposable income to philanthropic causes. This percentage has remained steady for years. We support what we believe in and those organizations that have helped us live a better life. In the past few years we may have dug a little deeper into our pockets to give, but we have continued to do so.

In 2010 Americans gave $290.89 billion to charitable causes. While this sum came from individuals, corporations and foundations, individuals alone gave 73% of this amount or over $211 billion to the organizations and causes that are close to their hearts.

We live in a country that celebrates and perpetuates a “Culture of Giving.” We give back to say “Thanks.” We give to say: “Keep up the good work.” We give to say: “Here is a gift to help you find a better future.”

Making a gift to Antioch University can be one or all of these things. We are counting on your 2 percent to keep up the great work that is the university tradition and to ensure the future or our unique programs that inspire our students before they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Make a gift now.