Environmental Studies & Sustainability

Foster a healthier and more just world.

Pioneers for a more sustainable and just world are leading the cultural, political, and environmental shift towards a brighter future. Combine your passion with a degree from Antioch University and master the knowledge, strategies, & tools to lead effective environmental change. Our commitment to promoting social, economic, and environmental justice is not new; our forty-plus year history of delivering visionary, progressive, and interdisciplinary programs will help you strengthen your capacity for collaboration and leadership while developing disciplinary depth and career skills needed to meet environmental challenges. Small classes, interactive teaching, field study opportunities, and a combined focus on rigor and creativity create a rich, effective learning environment. You’ll find our faculty working side-by-side with students in the field and in the classroom, digging soil pits, mapping forest composition, tracking wildlife, and creating self-sustaining miniature biospheres. Internships and capstone projects, as well as many centers & institutes, provide research and service-learning opportunities. Join our diverse community of educators, managers, scientists, communicators, policymakers, writers, and activists who are working to preserve biodiversity, guide communities in planning for climate change, and incorporate sustainability in their organizations.

Explore Environmental Studies Degrees

Announcing the Coalition for the Common Good, a higher education system of independent, nonprofit schools aligned around a shared mission.

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