Master of Science

MS in Environmental Studies, Self-Designed Studies


Design a degree around your professional goals.

Work with an AUNE advisor to strategize and design a program that aligns with the career path that you envision for your future. We understand that if your career goals transcend the academic boundaries of our existing Environmental Studies programs, you may consider a more individualized approach. That’s why we work with you to develop a rigorous yet rewarding academic framework that is both goal-oriented and structured enough to bestow the academic depth needed to engage in meaningful practice. If your interests lie at the intersection of disciplines, this option provides the specific customization you’re seeking. This degree is offered by AU New England.

Program Overview

This intersection of disciplines might occur in nature and writing, conservation and communications, agriculture and community, art and environment, ecology and psychology, or another combination of focuses. Those choosing this option must have a predominantly environmental focus, a strong academic background, experience in their proposed field of study, and clearly articulated professional goals. Consider a sampling of some of our students’ Self-Designed Study titles: Green Marketing, Endangered Species Management, and Biological Conservation, Environmental Advocacy and Journalism, Environmental and Social Sustainability, Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Social Justice Education, Environmental Media Arts, Environmental Writing and Creative Arts, Materials Management & Sustainability Science, Public Understanding of Earth Systems, Sustainable Recreation, Urban Environmental Stewardship, Watershed Management.

Degree Requirements

Length of Program:

The MS in Environmental Studies degree requires a minimum of three semesters and 36 credits. The degree may be completed fully virtually, through online learning, or partially virtually, and through on-campus and field studies courses.


There are a few commonalities across all the Environmental Science degree concentrations that are apparent as students look through the following requirements and descriptions. All MS degrees have a combination of coursework and application in the field.

See the course catalog for additional information.

International Service Program

Combine this concentration with Peace Corps service. Through the AUNE International Service Program, you can earn credit for your service tuition free and change the world.

Career Outlook

The diverse career paths of graduates from Self-Designed Studies reflect the unique goals of these students. Many students use the program to develop skills and expertise to advance existing careers through the development of an environmental specialty. Other students use the program to empower their environmental work with specialized skills in organizational administration, communications, or field sciences. Graduates of the program are employed in every sector of environmental work, from private consulting and regulatory enforcement to education, advocacy, and the arts.

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