Antioch University Seattle

Community Counseling and Psychology Clinic

Providing counseling services to people of all ages and incomes in the community.

By meeting individually, as a couple, with your children or family, or as part of a group, our counselors can help with:

  • Understanding yourself and how you relate to the world
  • Overcoming problems like depression or anxiety
  • Improving your interpersonal skills at home and on the job
  • Enriching your relationship with your partner or family
  • Going through a divorce, chronic or acute illness, bereavement, or trauma
  • Finding answers for your child’s difficulties at home or in school including:
    • Testing, assessment, and school recommendations for learning issues
    • Group and individual training in friendship skills and dealing with peer bullying
    • The challenges of Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Trained in a variety of clinical psychology and counseling techniques, our student therapists consult with you to identify the best approach for your situation. In partnership with seasoned, licensed psychologists and counselors, the Clinic provides supervised learning opportunities for graduate students, with special attention to understanding multicultural differences.

Counseling Clinic sessions are recorded for educational and training purposes and are kept confidential in compliance with Federal and state privacy regulations.

The Antioch Clinic is now offering a special, low fee, sliding scale (beginning at $0), based on household income to help all those who are struggling economically.

Those wishing to schedule an appointment are invited to call the Clinic at 206-268-4840 or email [email protected].