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The official transcript is maintained by the Registrar and is a chronological listing of earned credits. Students may request that narrative evaluations accompany the transcript as a supplement. Your Antioch transcript is considered official with or without your narrative evaluations. The transcript provides the course titles, terms taken, credit earned, and degree granted, if applicable. You should request narratives to accompany your transcript if the intended recipient requires more detail regarding the specific learning outcomes achieved and your performance in each course. The transcript alone is generally sufficient for the majority of transcript requests. Our standard practice is to send your transcript without narratives, but during the ordering process, you can request that your narratives be sent along with your transcript.

Upon completion of the program, the Registrar will send a complimentary student copy of the final transcript and diploma to the address indicated on the Graduation Application.

Transcripts and diplomas will not be released if the student has an outstanding balance of any type with Antioch University.

Transcript Requests

Antioch University Connected Transcripts are requested online at the National Student Clearinghouse.

To order your transcript, you will need a major credit card and an email address. As part of the process you will also be required to sign a FERPA form that authorizes us to provide this data on your behalf. To expedite your request you can sign this form using your mouse, or you may download the form, sign it, and fax it back to the number indicated on the form.

Shipping MethodTranscript Fee
Transcript (1st class mail)$5/ea + $2.25 processing fee = $7.25
Transcript (overnight UPS or Electronic PDF service)$25/ea + $2.25 processing fee = $27.25

Most transcript requests are processed within 3-5 business days. If you have any type of hold on your account, you will receive an email notification. Your transcript cannot be released until you have reached a satisfactory resolution with the appropriate University office. Please remember to allow additional time for delivery of your transcript.

If you have questions or need assistance during the ordering process, please email us at [email protected].

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