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Welcome to the Virtual Writing Center

The VWC provides free peer feedback on writing for Antioch University students. We support your writing process from start to finish!
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  • Outlining and Planning: Submit your outlines and notes for feedback on ideas.
  • Major Revision: Submit your initial drafts, and even incomplete drafts, for big picture feedback on thesis, structure, organization, integration of sources, and so on.
  • Minor Revision: Submit your 2nd or 3rd drafts to work on paragraph structure, clarity, conciseness, syntax, and other sentence-level feedback.
  • Style and Polish: Submit your near-final drafts for suggestions about APA or MLA, word choice, grammar, and other procedural edits.

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Have questions about the process or technical issues submitting? Contact us by email or voicemail! Email us at [email protected], or leave us a voicemail at 937.769.1355.

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VWC Mission and Philosophy:

The VWC strives to support Antioch students throughout their programs by welcoming and supporting all writers to express themselves in their academic work. Our feedback is structured around peer readership to foster collaborative learning, and framed with the principle of respecting individual writers and voices. The VWC is committed to language diversity and furthering antiracism at Antioch by understanding and advocating against linguistic discrimination. Similarly, the VWC is committed to inclusive support for writers of all abilities by adapting our feedback to writers’ individual needs. Finally, the VWC is dedicated to ongoing growth in our own practice and to confidentiality in our feedback to writers.

Read our full mission and philosophy statement here.

How to Submit Your Work

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How to Submit and What to Expect

APA Resources

Nearly all Antioch University programs transitioned to APA 7th Edition as of January 2020. Below are three resources to help you understand the new Student Writing guidelines, and the specific changes in 7th Edition as compared to the 6th Edition: