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Ba Luvmour

Antioch University Online

As an educator, writer, developmental consultant, and public speaker, Ba specializes in the fields of human development, the Natural Learning Relationships of children, the evolution of consciousness through life, transformation learning, nurturing well-being in family relationships, how adult and child grow together, relationship-based and holistic education, and teacher professional development. Most recently he is teaching in Antioch’s Individualized Master of Arts Program (IMA) in the School of Education.


Over the years, Ba has delighted in sharing his expertise with adults, professionals, and family groups seeking to deepen self-awareness, enliven optimal well-being, and develop access to innate wisdom. He has authored six eBooks and six print books, including Optimal Parenting and Beyond Metaphor: Dialogue from the realm of self-knowledge as well as articles that focus on relationships with children.


Together with Ba Luvmour, Josette co-created and developed Natural Learning Relationships, a whole-child understanding of child development. They have studied and explored consciousness since they met in 1979 and have been using Natural Learning Relationships with children, families, educators; in programs; and with schools since the 1980s. Together they produced and hosted the popular podcast series, Meetings with Remarkable Educators. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Educational History

Independent scholar, MA for UC Sonoma State, BA Temple University, years of intensive self-study, competent in Spiritual Philosophies of many cultures.


As I learn much from participants my education includes hundreds of seminars, many workshops in Teacher Training, 25 years of whole family experiential learning programs, and years of teaching training. Even writing books, years as a non-profit Executive Director, co-founding 3 holistic schools, and working every day with my wife is part of my education, the last perhaps the most educational of all

Teaching Statement

I love working with people in all areas related to consciousness and relationships with children.


Children bring the opportunity to engage life with authenticity and in-the-moment spontaneity that draws us into great opportunities to grow together.


Inquiry, self-reflection, and dialogue allow relationships that maximize learning. Power differentials and “experts” have no place in seminars that I facilitate.


The deeper we explore consciousness the greater our ability to access wisdom and lead a joyful meaningful life. To carefully include our spiritual, physical, and emotional capacities adds a fathomless dimension to our knowledge and lays the ground to access ever-deepening, ever more expansive consciousness.

  • Nurturing A Childs Consciousness—Natural Learning Relationships and the Roles of Educators, Parents, and Caregivers
  • Optimal Parenting
  • Natural Learning Relationships—How Children Grow and Learn
  • Brain Development and the Natural Learning Relationships of Children
  • Beyond Metaphor—Dialogue from the Realm of Self-Knowledge
  • Relationship-Based Education
  • Freedom in Education
  • Rites of Passage in Our Times
  • Teens and the Shadow
  • Teacher Training at Sarah College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Dharamsala, India (2020). Project title: Empowering Tibetan Educators: Teaching child development at Sarah College in Dharamsala.
  • More than Mindfulness Conference 2018: Celebrating Education as a Sacred Art, Asheville, N.C. at the Rainbow School.
  • Keynote speaker: Grow Together: Wisdom Based Relationships with Children
  • Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference (HTLC), Ashland, OR inside Southern Oregon University. Exploring Wholeness: Connecting Voices and Visions.
  • National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), Portland, OR. Pediatrician’s Conference presentation: Ethics, Development, and Relationship: The Context of Healing.
  • Friends of the Children (FOTC), Portland, OR: Training for Mentors who work with the children:
  • AERO 2012 Conference; Alternative Education Resource Organization: Wisdom-based Relationships with Children
  • Parent-Child Preschools of Oregon (PCPO) Annual Parenting Conference presentations
  • Salmonberry School NW Holistic Education Conference 2011, Orcas Island, WA: Adult and Child Develop Together.
  • Oregon State Bar – Family Law Section: group panel topic – Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Plans.
  • Portland Cooperative Preschool Organization Annual Parenting Conference presentation: Adult and Child Develop Together.
  • Oregon Counselors Association Conference, Silverton, OR. Seminar: Adult Development in a Family Context.
Ba Luvmour in butterfly seat

Adjunct Faculty,

Individualized Master of Arts


Courses Taught

1. Natural Learning Relationships and the Evolution of Consciousness
2. Conflict Resolution in Education: What do I do now?
3. Radical Hope and Healing: Resistance, Resilience & Emergence
4. Natural Learning Relationships and the African Aesthetic
5. Inquiry as a Way to Self- knowledge
6. Vital Connection between Educator and child
7. Neuroscience and Psychedelics
8. Natural Learning Relationships Application in Comprehensive Sexuality Education
9. Natural Learning Relationships Application in Art Education
10. Rites of Passage in our Times
11. Working with Families: What every educator should know
12. Modes of Inquiry

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