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Cheka Abubakari

Antioch University Los Angeles

I am returning to education after thirty years working as a private practice attorney, entertainment road manager and business entrepreneur. At Bridge, I have been teaching introductory philosophy and have also participated in classes on Civil Rights and History of African American Film. Previously, I taught Ancient Black History and Ancient African Religion at Long Bach State University.

Educational History

Los Angeles City College, Langston University, Oklahoma
BSL, California College of Law
JD California College of Law

Teaching Statement

To teach without considering origins is to take a partial approach to education. Our earliest ancestors noted the idiosyncrasies and consistencies of the animal world, as well as the solar, lunar and stellar rotations. They created tales and cosmologies about these phenomena and that became the basis of modern philosophy and religion.

History of Christian Origins (which may also be called “Christianity before Christ”)
Parallels between Ancient Egyptian religion and Christianity, Hebrewism and Islam
Aryan conquest of early Indian civilizations, Harappa and Mohenjo Dara
First North, South and Central Americans
Los Angeles Herald Examiner
Los Angeles Sentinel
“The Concept of Class Suicide”, Mogadishu, Somalia 1979
“Whatever happened to the 1960s”, State of the Race Conference 1977
Honor roll and dean’s list Los Angeles City College and Langston University.
American Jurisprudence Award California College of Law
Research Analyst for John Vasconcellos Education Committee (California)

Instruction, from Middle School level through University courses. I also tutor remedial education for 12 to 15 year-olds.

Association for the Study of Classic African Civilizations (ASCAC)

Cheka Abubakari


Undergraduate Studies, Bridge Program


Courses Taught

Philosophy, Civil Rights, Ancient African History, Ancient African Religions, Remedial English Preparatory Classes (Los Angeles City College)

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