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David Gosling, PhD

Antioch University New England

Educational History

PhD, Counselor Education & Supervision, William & Mary, 2020
MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Loyola University Maryland, 2017
BA, CU–Boulder, 2004

Teaching Statement

I follow the social-constructivist perspective, which demands that the teacher be fully immersed and committed to the learning process of the class, as their own development and growth is as much at stake as those of the students. The implicit nature of this philosophy is one of equality and harmony, rather than hierarchy and pressure. This aligns with my personal perspective as a clinician striving for multicultural competence, and as a counselor educator in support of a feminist ideology that limits the power and influence of the teacher over their students in a traditional patriarchal format.
Since I believe we all make meaning from the combination of support, challenge, and reflection, it is imperative to nurture these facets of the learning experience within the boundaries of the classroom. Facilitating the classroom using experiential means, including discussions, group work, reading and writing in class, and improvisational activities (e.g., role-plays, etc.) ensures that students and teacher alike are exposed to new perspectives and experiences (challenge). There should be ample room to explore and debrief these experiences (reflection), including the deeper meaning and symbolism of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations, while in an environment that encourages openness, kindness, and thoughtful feedback (support).

Military/veteran counseling, first responder counseling, post-traumatic growth, spirituality in counseling.

Chae, N., Gosling, D., Goshorn, J., and Fan, S. (2021). A dilemma within doctoral supervision: Applying an ethical decision-making model. Counseling and Values.
Hilert, A., Haskins, N., Fan, S., Smith, C., Warraich, L., and Gosling, D (2020). Multicultural and social justice training in doctoral counseling programs: a phenomenological study. The Professional Counselor.
Gosling, D. (2020). The longitudinal impact of a combat military occupational specialty (MOS) on moral injury: a narrative inquiry study. ProQuest dissertations, accepted May, 2020.
Gosling, D., Goshorn, J., and Chae, N. (2020). The tenure-track life: Experiences of new faculty in tenure-track positions. William & Mary Educational Review (WMER), 2020.
Gosling, D., Grunhaus, C. and Gutierrez, D. (2019). Toward a spectrum of moral harm: A new paradigm. Journal of Ethics in Mental Health (10). ISSN: 1916-2405
Fox, J., Gutierrez, D., and Gosling, D. (2018). An experimental study of centering prayer and its effects on psychological distress, religiousness, and faith development. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health.
McAdams, C., Foster, V., and Gosling, D. (2018). A tale of two families: Helping military couples understand and accept a returning soldier’s “unit family” Into their relationship. The Family Journal. doi: 10.1177/1066480718770157
“Institutionalized Moral Injury in Combat Veterans”, Poster Presentation, Cohen Peace Conference, Ball University, Muncie, IN, 2018.
“Veterans on Campus”, Panel member, College of William and Mary “Traditions” Weekend, Williamsburg, VA, 2018.
“Dhikr as a Centering Prayer Practice in Islam”, Panel Discussion, ASERVIC Conference, Dallas, TX, 2018.
“The Spectrum of Moral Harm”, Poster Presentation, SACES Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, 2018.
“The Two Families”, Joint Presenter, SACES Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, 2018.
Platoon Guide, U.S. Army Basic Training (2000)
Air Assault wings, U.S. Army (2002)
Recondo Award for Excellence in Training, ROTC JTOC (2003)
ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate for top cadet performance, CU–Boulder (2004)
Airborne wings, U.S. Army (2005)
Ranger school tab, U.S. Army (2005)
Army Achievement Award (2006, 2007)
Combat Infantryman’s Badge (2006)
Army Commendation Medal (2007, 2010)
Iraq Expeditionary Medal with Bronze Cluster (2007)
Army Service Medal (2012)
Law Enforcement
Honor Graduate, Rhode Island State Police Training Academy (2009)
Marksmanship Award, Rhode Island State Police Training Academy (2009)
SACES Emerging Leader, 2018-2020
W&M Social Justice Fellow, 2018-2019
UWW Doctoral Teaching Fellow, 2019-2020

Military and Government Counseling Association


David Gosling

Staff Counselor,

Counseling Services Center


Courses Taught

Counseling Theories, Ethics, Practicum, Internship, Military Counseling, Multicultural Counseling, Fundamentals, Group Counseling, Advanced Theories

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