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Hays Moulton

Antioch University Online

Hays Moulton is a veteran of 35 years in education, including experience as a teacher and administrator. He has an MEd in special education and an MEd in Educational Leadership. He was Chair of the Educational Leadership/OPL program at Antioch Midwest from 2012-2016 and is currently Chair of Management and Interdisciplinary Studies. He teaches classes in Ethics and Leadership, and supervises principal interns and student teachers, as well as advising management students and teaching in the MCL program. He is a PhD student in the Antioch University PhD in Leadership and Change program. His research interest is the interaction of organizational culture and employee commitment.

Educational History

Bachelor’s Degree in 1974 from Antioch College – Elementary Education

Master’s Degree in 1980 from Wright State University – Classroom Teacher – Multiply Impaired

Master’s Degree in 2001 from Antioch McGregor University – Educational Leadership – Ohio Principal License

Moulton Hays


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