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Jaime Ramírez, MA, LMFT

Antioch University Los Angeles

As a bi-cultural sex positive POC, Jaime, who identifies as gay cisman, has been committed to the expression and advocacy of immigrants and individuals in marginalized groups.  His career in marketing and advertising provided the opportunity to conduct research in communities across Latin America and later among Spanish speaking immigrants in the US.  He discovered a need to create space for individuals who were not allowed the possibility to be seen and listened to because of socio-economic and gender differences.  This discovery informs his views on community and advocacy.

The work with adolescents and families in outpatient treatment and adults and families in a hospital in-patient programs, informs Jaime’s passion for couples and family work.  He believes in the impact of individual narratives on the relational dynamics and the lives and stories of loved ones.

Jaime trained in Narrative Therapy with Charley Lang and is a member of Los Angeles Post Modern Group.  He also attends conferences hosted by the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy.  Through continued training, Jaime has incorporated experiences from 12-step programs into his narrative practice and focus on the impact of moments of strength in creating preferred outcomes in recovery for individuals who have engaged in substance misuse or obsessive behaviors and their families.

Jaime started work with LGBTQ individuals and their families while training at the Andrew Escajeda Care Services clinic in Pasadena.  He has facilitated reflective groups with transgender women, and with Spanish speaking gay men.

“I have found a space to have exciting and beautiful conversations at the crossroads of transition, recovery, and gender identity.” – Jaime Ramírez

Educational History

MA, Clinical Psycholog,  Antioch University

MA, Marketing, Inter American University of Puerto Rico

BA Psychology, Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Teaching Statement

I am committed to the work on the impact of addiction on individuals and those impacted by substance and behavior obsessive engagement, LGBT narratives, individual and couples work.

Jaime Ramirez Adjunct Faculty, Antioch University

Adjunct Faculty,

Undergraduate Studies


Courses Taught

ADS 3150
PSY 3690
Group facilitation for addiction counselors

ADS 3180
PSY 3180B
Addiction and Family Dynamics

ADS 3100
Addiction Counseling: Models of practice

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