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Jonathan Eymann

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Jonathan Eymann, MA, LMFT completed his BA in psychology with high honors at UCSB where he was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Subsequently he earned his MA in clinical psychology at Antioch University Santa Barbara. After graduation he was hired by Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services as a practitioner intern.

Jonathan completed his internship hours practicing at the adult outpatient clinic and children’s clinics in Santa Barbara. After obtaining his license he was promoted to team supervisor at the Calle Real Clinic managing a multidisciplinary team providing services to 400 adults with persistent, severe mental illnesses.

He also operates a small private practice in Camarillo and Santa Barbara/Goleta with emphases on treating couples, and problem gambling as well as providing EAP services to referrals from local employers. Jonathan has been ordained as a non-denominational Christian minister for 40 years, and continues to pastor in Goleta.

In that role he first began providing counseling, and undertook graduate education initially to upgrade his pastoral counselling skills. He speaks regularly around the United States and internationally both on various aspects of integrating creative and performing arts into contemporary Christian worship and on the interface between faith and psychology.

Jonathan Eymann

Adjunct faculty,

MA in Clinical Psychology


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