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Lois Phillips, PhD

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Dr Lois Phillips was the founder of the Antioch University Santa Barbara Campus while earning her doctorate at UCSB. Her ability to speak to business groups, institutional partners, and the press was critical to the success of starting the campus. Her consulting practice centered around strategic planning for organizations across sector including non-profits, governmental agencies, and universities. Her doctoral research centered around gender and rhetoric and the value of using a gestalt therapy approach to teach students how to overcome anxiety and develop self-confidence (in general) by gaining speaking skills

She has presented her research at the JFK School at Harvard University, to Babson College MBA Alumni, and professional women at UCSB. She co-produced two television programs about the changing roles of women and has written WOMEN SEEN AND HEARD: LESSONS LEARNED FROM SUCCESSFUL SPEAKERS and WOMEN SEEN AND HEARD SPEAKER’S JOURNAL with co-author Dr Anita Perez Ferguson. She is an executive coach to women in leadership roles and often is asked to comment on changes such as the #METOO phenomenon. Students say she is a lively presenter who practices what she teaches.

Lois Phillips


Women in Leadership Certificate


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