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Lynn Dhanak

Antioch University Seattle

Lynn Dhanak is currently an adjunct professor at two universities and has a coaching business. She was formerly a Research Scientist on National Institute of Health and National Institute of Mental Health funded research grants in areas such as HIV/AIDS, PTSD, chronic pain, health behaviors and wellness. Dr. Dhanak was a Co-Chair of the Lesbian and Gay Concerns Committee of the Washington State Psychological Association and was formerly in private practice. Her history of grassroots organizing for social change includes participating in the collective formation of an early domestic violence shelter, WomenCare Shelter, in Bellingham, Washington.

Educational History

  • B.S., University of Washington
  • MS, University of Washington
  • PhD University of Washington, Clinical Psychology

Affiliate Faculty,

School of Applied Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy

Affiliate Faculty and Coordinator,

BA in Health Counseling and Psychology


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