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Marli Kakishima, MA, MFT

Antioch University Los Angeles

Marli Kakishima, MFT, is a Teaching Faculty at Antioch University Los Angeles, and a member of the Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization in the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Program. She received her BA from the University of Sao Paulo (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil), and her MA from Antioch University Los Angeles. After concluding her BA studies, she spent two years as a Research Student in the Education Department at the University of Niigata (Niigata Daigaku, Japan), with academic studies focused on Asian Music. Her work as Professor focuses on interdependence as a crucial template for psychological well-being, especially on the relationship between biopsychosocial & spiritual variables and multidisciplinary approaches for preventive care, restoration of existential meaning, and recovery. Having inherited a blend of different cultures, she also contributes in the creation and implementation of international courses at the MAP program, with the objective of expanding students’ human diversity sensitivity, community work awareness, and global citizenship. The second edition of the course Japanese Approaches to Mindfulness and Mental Health in Kyoto has been launched in Winter 2013, and she is currently collaborating in other MAP international projects to be released in a near future. Among several working experiences, the following are the most significant: Music Educator at Creche Coracao Materno, a non-profit after-school program at the slum of Vila Brasilandia (Sao Paulo), Clinical Program Director at Sunnyside Residential Rehabilitation Program for adults diagnosed with persistent co-occurring disorders, Program Coordinator and Therapist at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, and Staff Research at the Integrated Substance Abuse Programs at the University of California Los Angeles.

Educational History

MA in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University Los Angeles
BA in Music, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Marli Kakishima

Adjunct Faculty,

MA in Psychology

Adjunct Faculty,

BA in Liberal Studies


Courses Taught

Assessment of Psychopathology (PSY541F)
Chemical Dependence (PSY550C)
Clinical Practicum (PSY621)
Field Study: Psychology and Society (PSY512A)
Global Approaches to Normal and Abnormal Psychology (PSY425)
Japanese Approaches to Mindfulness and Mental Health (PSY525F)
Life as Practice: Inner work, social responsibility, and community service (PSY531J)
Process of Psychotherapy I (PSY501A)
Psychopathology and Treatment Planning (PSY541G)
Psychopharmacology (PSY539D)
Society and the Individual (PSY545)
The Integration of Buddhism & Psychology: East & West join in France (PSY525FR)

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