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Meg Tufano, MA

Antioch University Online

An award-winning novelist, Meg has been teaching “online” before there was the Internet (on TV). Her academic passion is the intersection of history, philosophy, psychology, and religion. She has been an invited lecturer in numerous venues on the subject of her Master’s thesis, individuation (the psychological process of how we become individuals). She has also won a number of course design awards.

Her life motto is, “Change your mind; change the world”; and her teaching style is to help seekers draw out their own genius. She is an avid student of the classics and reads Ancient Greek. Her politics is to seek justice for all: “Everyone counts.”

“I have a passion for my purpose of opening the minds of those I know will be coming up who will be immersed in a future culture bound in the Internet, a future that needs to stand on the shoulders of the thinkers who came before them, and will need someone who has her hand in the past (I studied classics at St. John’s College Great Books in Ancient Greek) and is a digital expert using the current Codex (CSS, XHTML, etc.), using both as needed–as is the tradition of academia (tradizio, Latin for “hand to hand”). My purpose is aligned with the university’s purpose, to draw out (educare, Latin for “to draw out”) each individual’s genius, now with the art of the Internet as a powerful energy-multiplier.”

Educational History

  • MA Antioch University Midwest (McGregor), Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion
  • BA University of Toronto, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • St. John’s College (Great Books) (Annapolis/Santa Fe)

Meg Tufano

Affiliate Faculty,

Undergraduate Studies


Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Philosophy*
  • Critical Thinking*
  • Foundations of Civilizations*
  • Introduction to World Religions
  • General Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Formal Logic
  • Attic Greek

Online Course Designer

  • Front End Web Development Certificate. Too many LMS’s to list.

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