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Megan McCord, MFA

Antioch University Los Angeles

Megan came to Antioch as an undergraduate student in the Liberal Studies program in 2006 intending only to finish her BA degree. She discovered the concentration in Creative Writing and, after falling in with a wickedly talented cohort of writers in the BA, was encouraged to apply to Antioch’s MFA program. Thinking she would graduate and move on with her life, Antioch then hired her to be a tutor in the Teaching and Learning Center, an adjunct professor in the BA, and a writing teacher in the Bridge Program, dashing all thoughts Megan ever had of a life without Antioch. She is a most willing captive, believing in Antioch’s mission of social justice and education for all. She is known to become breathless with excitement while talking about writing, approaching the teaching of academic writing with the heart of a storyteller.

Educational History

BA in Liberal Studies, Antioch University Los Angeles
MFA in Creative Writing, Antioch University Los Angeles

Megan McCord

Adjunct Faculty,

BA in Liberal Studies


Courses Taught

Voice and Style (ENG 290/291)
Style and Argument (ENG 294/295)
Academic Writing (ENG 359)
Bridge (ENG 110, 111, 112)

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