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Mitchell Thomashow, EdD

Antioch University Seattle

Dr. Mitchell Thomashow devotes his life and work to promoting ecological awareness, sustainable living, creative learning, improvisational thinking, social networking, and organizational excellence. Currently, he is engaged in teaching, writing, and executive consulting, cultivating opportunities and exchanges that transform how people engage with sustainability and ecological learning. From 1976 – 2006, Thomashow was the Cahir of the Environmental Studies program at Antioch University New England. He founded an interdisciplinary environmental studies doctoral program and worked collaboratively to grow and nourish a suite of engaging master’s programs, geared to working adults.

From 2006 – 2011, Thomashow was the president of Unity College in Maine. With his management team, he integrated concepts of ecology, sustainability, natural history, wellness, participatory governance, and community service into all aspects of college and community life. This included the construction of The Unity House, the first LEED Platinum President’s Residence in North America, the TeraHaus, a passive house student residence, comprehensive campus energy planning, an integrated approach to growing food on campus, and a new academic master plan.

His two books have significantly influenced environmental studies education. Ecological Identity: Becoming a Reflective Environmentalist (The MIT Press, 1995) offers an approach to teaching environmental education based on reflective practice. Bringing the Biosphere Home, (The MIT Press, 2001) is a guide for learning how to perceive global environmental change.

Ecological Identity: Becoming a Reflective Environmentalist (The MIT Press, 1995)
Bringing the Biosphere Home (The MIT Press, 2001)

Mitchell Thomashow

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