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Robert Tauber

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Robert Tauber, MA, LMFT, has been an Adjunct Professor at Antioch University Santa Barbara for more than 20 years. He has served its MACP program as a curriculum development consultant in the areas of community mental health and serious mental illness.

Bob is currently the Clinical Consultant at the Mental Wellness Center in Santa Barbara County, where he works with Antioch trainees, interns, and staff. Prior to this current work, he spent 16 years as the Director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute’s Public-Academic Liaison Project, 10 years as the Coordinator of Mental Health Services at Pathpoint, and 8 years as Staff and Family Therapist at Belmont Hills Neuropsychiatric Center/Wilson Family Center in the San Francisco Bay area. He has presented at numerous national and international conferences.

Bob’s publications include “Enlisting Indigenous Community Supporters in Skills Training Programs for Persons with Severe Mental Illness” in the journal Psychiatric Services. He also is a member of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants and the Mental Health Arts Festival Team.

Robert Tauber

Adjunct Faculty,

MA in Clinical Psychology


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