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Sam Ortega

Antioch University Seattle

Sam (Elizabeth) Maria Ortega is an educator, facilitator, and artist. They earned their Master’s in Education from Antioch University, Seattle in 2014 with a focus on Transformative Learning Processes and returned to Antioch in 2020 to receive their Certificate in Sexuality Education. Currently, they teach here as an adjunct professor of Human Sexuality. When they aren’t doing this work you can find them making prints, exploring about, and soaking the sun wherever it shines.

While in the Pacific Northwest since 2010, they originally hail from the proud and dusty trails of the Southwest borderlands. Being Latine, mixed, queer, and from humble working-class roots, they bring a keen intersectional lens and hopefully grace and allowance to their work. Sam has worked in a multitude of educational and nonprofit settings with both young people and adults alike often co-creating spaces of intersectional awareness building, justice-forward curriculum, and content and building the kinds of worlds we dream of for everyBODY.

sam ortega

Adjunct Faculty,

Sexuality Studies Certificate Programs


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