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Timothy Tillman, MA, CHT

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Timothy Tillman, MA, CHT holds a BS in physical therapy and an MA in clinical and somatic psychology and has been a practicing therapist for over 25 years. He is a certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer and mentored directly under Ron Kurtz, founder of the Hakomi Method, for 8 years. He went on to teach for the Hakomi Institute and the Hakomi Educational Network and was a somatic educator for the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Timothy is a long term meditator and teaches somatic meditation rooted in Buddhism and Indigenous spirituality. As Co-Founder of Inspiratia, a somatic-based non-profit organization, and Founder of FireTenders Men’s Movement he currently leads therapy intensives and workshops on the west coast. Timothy continues seeing private therapy clients in Santa Barbara, California.

Timothy is an adjunct faculty teaching the MA in Clinical Psychology, Somatic Psychotherapy concentration.

Timothy Tillman, MA, CHT


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