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Weston brings success as a published author and professional speaker on urban environmental stewardship, citizen engagement, and the social dimensions of urban natural resources. He serves on the City of Seattle’s Urban Forestry Commission and is Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University Seattle.

Weston provides over a decade of experience in the urban forestry and natural resource fields. His background includes work with all levels of government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations. He has worked extensively with natural resource managers, urban forest scientists, policymakers, planners and a range of communities to develop a better understanding of the natural world in our cities.

Weston Brinkley

Adjunct Faculty


Principal and Owner of Street Sounds Ecology, LLC

  • Master of Urban Planning, Land Use Concentration. University of Washington.
  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Geography, with honors; Bachelor of Science, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; Minor, Planning and Public Policy Management. University of Oregon.

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